Mario Lopez is launching a new hidden camera TV show to give celebrities a platform to confront their haters.
Lopez has partnered with The CW for the project, called "H8R."
He tells Star magazine, "The Internet provides a forum for haters. We thought, 'What if a person confronted the celebrity they're bashing? Would they still have the guts to stay it to their face?
"It's a chance (for celebrities) to rehabilitate their image. They can have a little fun with somebody who dislikes them because of a perceived notion and then try to show them the real person behind the celebrity."
And Lopez has recruited a slew of stars to guest on the show: "We base it on who we assume might have a hater. Nobody is going to really hate Dustin Hoffman, but somebody like (Jersey Shore reality star) Snooki... she's on our first show."
Lopez's show will debut on September 14.