1) Ryan Gosling is easily one of the most underrated male actors in Hollywood today. The Golden Globe-nominated actor made his television debut at a very young age in "The Mickey Mouse Club" alongside future superstars J.C. Chasez and Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears.

Gosling has appeared in several movies, including "Remember The Titans," "The Believer," Murder By Numbers," "Stay" and "The Notebook." Gosling didn't receive much recognition for his acting chops until he was nominated for his role as a drug addict teacher in the sleeper hit "Half Nelson." Currently, Gosling is getting a lot of attention for playing a man who falls in love with a blow-up doll he found on the internet in "Lars & The Real Girl."

2) James McAvoy hasn't appeared in a lot of movies, but he continues to receive critical acclaim. He has garnered countless nominations for his role on the British Television series "Shameless," several newcomer awards for his role as Mr. Tumnus in the hit movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," and numerous awards for "The Last King Of Scotland." The British actor is relatively unknown, but his movies "Becoming Jane," "Penelope" and "Atonement" should change all that.

3) Zooey Deschanel is no stranger to show business. Her father is a cinematographer, her mother is an actress, and her sister Emily is on the hit Fox series "Bones." She appeared alongside high school classmate Kate Hudson in the 2000 hit "Almost Famous." Not only is she a talented actress, but she is also a singer. She sung in the hit Christmas movie "Elf" and also landed the much-anticipated role of Janis Joplin in "Gospel According To Janis." She has a mini TV series and four movies in the works, and recently appeared "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" with Brad Pitt.

4) Mandy Moore, the singer turned actress, has appeared in countless movies including "Saved," A Walk To Remember," "How To Deal" and "Because I Said So." She released five hit albums: "So Real," "I Wanna Be With You," "Mandy Moore," "Coverage" and "Wild Hope," and appeared in several TV shows including "Scrubs," "Punk'd" and "How I Met Your Mother."

5) Jensen Ackles is no stranger to television series. Before landing the role of Dean Winchester in the hit CW series "Supernatural," Ackles appeared in "Days of Our Lives," "Dark Angel," "Dawson's Creek" and "Smallville." He was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy three times for his role of Eric Brady on the hit soap opera "Days Of Our Lives."

6) Emile Hirsch is a relatively unknown actor but is starting to get recognition after his stand-out performance in "Into The Wild," in which Sean Penn snatched him up for the role. Next, Hirsch can add action credits to his resume when he appears in the anticipated film "Speed Racer." Hirsch is proving that he can do just about anything, and he's here to stay.

7) Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already established himself as an actor with the ability to perform different type of performances at the mere age of 25. He got his big breaking playing Dougie on the popular family series "Family Ties" in 1988. He's appeared in over a dozen movies, including "The Juror," "10 Things I Hate About You," "Havoc," and "Brick. He's received nominations for "3rd Rock From The Sun," "Mysterious Skin," and "A River Runs Through It." We'll be seeing more from Gordon-Levitt who has four films currently in the works.

8) Kristen Bell, like Jensen Ackles, is no stranger to television. Before hitting it big with the critically acclaimed "Veronica Mars," Bell appeared in "The Shield," "American Dreams," "Everwood," and "Deadwood." Bell hit is big in theatres with "Pulse" and the Lifetime movie "Gracie's Choice." Currently Bell is the narrator of the new CW series "Gossip Girl" and was just added to cast of NBC's hit series "Heroes." Bell has two more films in the works, and there are rumors of a "Veronica Mars" movie.

9) Ben Foster has been in the movies since 1996 and is finally getting some recognition for his work. Though the movie "Alpha Dog" was a dud, Foster received a lot of recognition for his role as Jake Mazursky, the brother of the boy who was kidnapped and killed and won a Young Hollywood Award. Foster has appeared in other movies: "Hostage," "The Laramie Project," "3:10 to Yuma" and "30 Days Of Night." Foster has also received several nominations for his role as Russel Corwin in the series "Six Feet Under." Foster has one movie in the works.

10) Olivia Wilde is an actress that not many people know. However, if you ask them who played Marisa Cooper's first, and only, girlfriend on Fox's "The OC," some light bulbs may go off. She first started off on the short-lived TV series "Skin." She has appeared in two movies: "Alpha Dog" and "Turistas" and starred in the short-lived, and one of the best series that year, "The Black Donnellys." Currently Wilde is appearing as fellowship finalist Thirteen on Fox's "House." Her stint on "House" should give her a boost in Hollywood.

Story by Angie Rentmeester
Starpulse.com contributing writer