With so many celebrity hunks to choose from it was hard to pick only ten for our "Top 10 Celebrity Bachelors" list; however, we've managed to narrow it down to a few that will make your mouth water.

On demand in Hollywood we have rising star Shia LaBeouf, 21. Ever since his appearance in movies such as "Transformers" and "Disturbia," LaBeouf has been on casting directors' hot list. He's on our hot list as well, as in, pour-some-water-on-me I need to cool down hot. Gone are his days of dressing like a hip-hop wannabe. Today we are looking at a grown man, and that's represented in his new clean cut, suit wearing look. Oh Shia! You're not a boy anymore.
For quite some time newcomer Elijah Kelley has done TV; however, he made his big movie debut in the 2007 remake of "Hairspray." This 21 year old is definitely walking on that golden road to stardom. With those beautiful brown eyes and amazing smile, we know that Kelley definitely cannot stop the beat and is surely one to keep your eye on.
Adrian Grenier may need his own "Entourage" after appearing on our list. He's young and sexy, and we just want to play with those lovely wavy locks of his. They just drive us crazy.
Young Hayden Christensen can do no wrong in our eyes. From "Star Wars" to "Factory Girl" to "Awake," this stud continues to impress us with his acting and his changing looks. We are smitten by his current short cropped look with that bit of messiness at the top and those bedroom eyes.
We are sure that Gary Dourdan has been on many top 10 lists before, but we just couldn't resist having him on ours as well. He is just gorgeous! Look at those green eyes. They are so hypnotizing and screamed, 'Pick me for your list. Pick me!' and so we did. The "CSI" star, 41, has definitely not lost his hunk appeal. Here CSI actually stands for Cute, Sexy and Irresistible.
Though his days on "Alias" are long gone, Michael Vartan has managed to find a new home on the ABC show "Big Shots" where he is still sizzling hot. Whether he is doing TV or movies, this France native makes that chiseled yet rugged look very sexy and cool. Ooo la la!
It is hard to believe that Dylan McDermott is currently separated from his wife, and by default that officially puts him in the hot bachelor category. With those ever piercing blue eyes McDermott also appears in "Big Shots" and plays a character poised with all the confidence in the world. He's one sexylicious 46- year-old.
James Franco is tall, dark and handsome with a bit of bad boy mixed in. He's not too rugged and he's not too chiseled, but he's perfectly in between. He's just like the character he played in "Spider-Man 3" - naughty yet struggling to be nice. We enjoy a little bit of both in a man.
While only 33, Derek Jeter seems like the forever bachelor. Though he's dated many celebrity beauties, we have yet to see a ring on anyone's finger. We can't blame him, however. With looks like his this baseball pro can have anyone he wants. Derek, there are a few good women here at Starpulse as well. We can guarantee you a home run.
We love those Scotsmen who have been invading the Hollywood scene, and hunky Gerard Butler is no exception. The "300" star started his acting career a bit late in the game, but ever since he's been making waves. Who can resist his good looks? We actually think he looks like a mature Shia Labeouf or perhaps his older brother. Double trouble! Double hot!

Story by Doshka Harvey
Starpulse.com contributing writer