Isla Fisher is this week's 'Maxim Hot 100' girl! The girl that Vince Vaughn loved to hate and hated to love in The Wedding Crashers comes in at 91 on Maxim's "Hot 100" list for 2007. Head on over to Maxim's Isla Fisher page to check her out!

Born in Oman and raised in Australia, Isla first caught our attention as the aptly named Mary Jane, the curly-haired blonde hippie love interest of Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) in Scooby-Doo before moving on to I Heart Huckabees and then making all men wonder if having a psychotic girlfriend is worth all the great sex one can handle (our take: you bet!) in The Wedding Crashers.

Isla is currently starring opposite Andy Samberg in the zany comedy Hot Rod, which opens today.

A pregnant Isla recently joked about finding out who the father of her unborn child is, saying, "I'm doing DNA tests with the cast of Hot Rod and the cast of Wedding Crashers, and hopefully I'll find out for sure." But we all know that Isla must get this sense of humor from the child's real father, comedic genius and creator of such hilarious characters as Ali-G and Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Isla Fisher checks in at number 91 in the Maxim Hot 100.

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