Once again, it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming year in entertainment. A long list of distinguished music acts will be releasing albums this year, with some great releases just weeks away. It looks to be quite an interesting selection, no matter your tastes in music. Here’s some of the music you need to look for in 2007:

50 Cent prepares his third full release, after an unsuccessful dip into the pools of the video game and movie industries.

Jennifer Lopez will have an all-Spanish album for her sixth release.

Rap/R&B group Pretty Ricky tries out their sophomore album.

Redman plans to release his first solo album since 2001.

Chamillionaire’s second mainstream album will feature dozens of guests.

Usher has a sixth album currently planned to release during the year.

Mike Jones planned a Valentine’s Day release for his sophomore album, but word is it has been pushed back to April.

The Stooges return with their fourth album after a 34-year layoff.

Fall Out Boy tries to match the success of their third album, debuting a single during the American Music Awards.

Panic! at the Disco has a second album without a title that’s looking for a 2007 release.

Linkin Park’s third full album, discounting all of their remix releases, hopes to see as much success as their wildly-popular sophomore disc.

American Idol's Kelly Clarkson has a third album in the works without a title.

Avril Lavigne’s third album is produced in part by her boyfriend.

Starpulse.com’s favorite, Chris Brown, will have a second release with tons of guests.

Maroon 5 finally finishes up their second album after 5 years.

The High School Musical 2 Soundtrack will be a huge success, if it as popular as the first movie and its accompanying disc

Avenged Sevenfold has a fourth album they hope to release in the fall.

Good Charlotte hopes for another platinum album with their fourth release.

Lil Wayne has a seventh album speculated for release only eight years after his debut.

Nicole Scherzinger juggles the Pussycat Dolls and a solo release that is still untitled.

Britney Spears could have her fifth studio album in stores this year, and it should be interesting to hear how her sound has changed after everything she went through in the last three years.

Will.i.am will produce dozens of records while working on his third solo release.

Timbaland will do the same while planning his second solo work.

Paul Wall continues to sell expensive dental jewelry while working on his fourth album.

Bloc Party plans a heartfelt, sentimental disc that draws from dark themes, such as the 2005 London bombings.

Big Boi announced an album for 2007, but has yet to title it or release a single.

Three 6 Mafia has their ninth album ready for release, according to speculators.

T.I.’s album seeks the platinum his last two discs attained.

Daddy Yankee has appeared in over 70 albums, and plans to finish up his seventh solo CD this year.

Missy Elliot’s eighth CD in ten years has yet to be titled.

Chingy has a single that will debut in 2007, starting rumors that a CD will be announced soon.

Juelz Santana has a third album ready for the summer.

Arcade Fire will try to break into the US scene with their second album.

The Arctic Monkeys certainly don’t like to rest on their laurels, having already penned another album and ready to finish it up for 2007.

Rock supergroup Velvet Revolver will try to mimic the success of their debut album.

Nine Inch Nails has their sixth CD looking at a 2007 release.

Smashing Pumpkins has officially reunited and has begun writing material for a release this year.

Guns N' Roses has some CD coming out soon. You may have heard of it.

Dr. Dre will try his solo chops for only the third time in his storied career.

Wilco will debut their seventh album sometime in May.

LCD Soundsystem returns with a shorter, more concise CD than their debut.

Corbin Bleu’s debut work hopes to feed off some Highschool Musical hype.

Ashley Tisdale hopes to do the same.

Rockers Permanent ME have plenty of buzz for their new album after touring with punk stalwarts New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy.

The Shins have a fourth album ready for an early release in January.

Speculation is high that Gnarls Barkley may release some new material.

Apparently Metallica has 50 hours of music completed, and is in the arduous process of picking and choosing for their new album.

Radiohead returns with an album they have been working on for a few years, hoping to see the success Thom Yorke’s solo album did.

Norah Jones tries her luck with a third studio album, after her first went 10x platinum and her second 4x.