Ok, friends we need to have a talk. Everyone has their own musical preferences. There are those people who are all country, those who are everything EXCEPT country, those who like "alternative," and those who like "Emo." However, a lot of us like a little bit of everything.

Our goal here is to point out a few things we should all be listening to, regardless of our usual musical stylings. These are bands and people that are on my IPod this month….

First lets mention a few names you may not know but definitely should: Many people have heard of Modest Mouse, but did you know before the popularity of 2004's "Float On", that Modest Mouse had 4 full length albums, 6 EPs and a number of side projects including? Granted their older music is not for everyone but if you are interested in amazing lyrics and feeling a little angst-full definitely check out "Moon & Antarctica" among others.

But Modest Mouse is just the tip of the iceberg on indie bands no one knows about but should. Album Leaf is a primarily instrumental and awesome musical project founded by and centered on Jimmy Lavalle. It is part of the post-rock genre and uses a variety of instruments and electronic equipment to achieve a mellow, sometimes ambient sound. Other bands of this indie variety worth a listen are Pinback, Built to Spill and the Decemberists.

On a completely different note, there is also a lot of music one my iPod currently that I should probably be embarrassed to mention here, but I am not, in fact I am proud! Music such as Ke$ha's "TikTok", Miley Cyrus's "the Climb", and all matter of Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears songs. How can I reveal this secret that many of my hipster friends would find nauseating, you ask? Well the truth is most people secretly like that bubble gum, high energy music. Actually not so secretly, supported by the evidence that I have heard "TikTok" between 5 -6 times today on the same radio station.

In all seriousness though we all know that when you are getting ready for a night out, or need that extra energy at the gym that putting on the right kind of music can make all the difference. Happy tunes = happy moods, it's true, they've done studies. However we don't want to get tired of the overplayed hits so I suggest checking out a few alternatives such as Ke$ha's "Dinosaur", "Stranger" by Hilary Duff, and the Black Eyed Peas " Imma be" which I am sure will jump the shark soon enough.

Story by Caton Morris

Starpulse contributing writer