These days, many tabloids focus on child stars who are getting in trouble while growing up in the spotlight. Some get caught up in drugs and underage drinking, some have eating disorders, while others get into trouble with the law.

Not all stars that grew up in Hollywood went down the wrong path. Starpulse compiled a list of child stars that turned out ok, despite their famous roots. And many of them continue to be successful to this day.

Elijah Wood got his first break, though a small break, as a video game boy in the sequel to Back To The Future. Wood went on to star in over a dozen movies before he was 18 years old. Wood is one of the few celebrities who isn't seen partying every night in clubs, creating drama with other celebrities or breaking the law. In fact, Wood is hardly ever photographed by the paparazzi. He's currently working on several films, including "9," "Day Zero," and The Oxford Murders.

Jodie Foster was just 7 years old when she made her first TV appearance in "The Doris Day Show" in 1969. Since then she has been working almost non-stop in both movies and television, including her latest project The Brave One. Foster even found time to graduate from Yale in 1985. Not many celebrities seem to go to college these days, and this is an accomplishment in itself. Foster has won a ton of awards and is well respected in Hollywood. Foster has even spoken out about troubled stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

Christina Ricci started her career as the adorable Kate Flax in the movie Mermaids alongside Winona Ryder and Cher in 1990. Ricci has been working non-stop since then and has managed to stay out of the limelight while growing up. By the age of 19 she was a high-in-demand actress. Her latest project was Black Snake Moan, and she also stars in the upcoming Speed Racer.

Ben and Fred Savage started acting at a young age. Ben started out by doing several appearances in TV shows but didn't get his big break until 1993 when he landed the role as Cory Matthews in the hit series "Boy Meets World." Talk about watching him grow up, "Boys Meets World" started when he was in junior high and followed him as he graduated high school and started college. He stars in the upcoming film Palo Alto.

Big brother Fred, like Ben, started out appearing in several TV shows and movies until he landed the role as Kevin Arnold in the much-loved series "The Wonder Years." His latest project was starring on the now-canceled TV series "Crumbs." Both brothers managed to stay out of trouble and out of the spotlight while growing up in Hollywood. You won't be seeing these two on "E! True Hollywood Story" anytime soon.

Amanda Bynes' debut came when she got the role on the hit Nickelodeon show "All That" as a regular performer. At the age of 13 Bynes had her own variety show called "The Amanda Show." We all watched Bynes grow up right before our eyes and not once have we seen her stumbling out of a club or a mug shot posted on the Internet. Bynes is focusing on her career and doesn't plan on getting caught up in the party scene that many people her age are involved in. She recently starred in Hairspray and Sydney White.

Story by Angie Rentmeester contributing writer