Bored of today's overly pop produced offerings? Looking for something different to add to your playlist? If finding different musical genres is something you'd like to explore, there is the solution. Check out this small collection of artists who have a unique sound:

Some artists have been around for some time but have finally come into their own. Take Serj Tankian, former frontman of System of a Down. His latest single, "Empty Walls," depicts him as a very different looking Uncle Sam but conveys a great message that people may not necessarily hear.

There's another gifted vocalists from a group that has been around a few years. Nic Newsham of Gatsby's American Dream is not well known but hopefully someday people will catch on to his unique voice.

The previous singer for Glassjaw, Daryl Palumbo, has had by far one of the most interesting voices to listen to. If the lyrics don't sway people to check him out, the funny videos might have listeners singing a different tune!

Lastly, for the softer side of music, check out Ingrid Michaelson. Her catchy lyrics to the Old Navy sweater song (If you are chilly/ here take my sweater) has definitely started a fan base and has people not only singing along to the commercial but also checking out what else she has to offer.

Like what you hear? All the artists mentioned are featured on Starpulse. So if venturing out of your normal genres is on your to-do list, explore these unique voices and open your mind.

Story by Catherine Meyer
Starpulse contributing writer

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