While most of us might enjoy watching a good primetime drama show like "Law & Order," "CSI" or "Grey's Anatomy" we cannot forget that there are also some amazing sci-fi shows currently playing on television.

Current Sci-Fi

One of those wonders is "Stargate Atlantis" (Sci-Fi channel, Friday 10/9central) which is a spin off of "Stargate SG-1." The show has run for four seasons and has been renewed for yet another thrilling fifth season. As the team of explorers gets used to their new leader Col. Samantha Carter, who has been reassigned from "SG-1," we also see them in continued turmoil with their known enemy The Wraith as they traverse the Pegasus galaxy.

If "Stargate Atlantis" just isn't doing it for you perhaps you'd like to encounter "Journeyman" (NBC, Monday 10/9central). The main character Dan Vasser is played by Scotsman Kevin McKidd, better known for his role as "Tommy" in the 1996 film "Trainspotting." In "Journeyman," McKidd's character is a reporter who without explanation can travel through time a la Scott Bakula in "Quantum Leap" (1989) to assist people in need. While the show has received mixed reviews, it still has great potential. Who wouldn't want to be saved while in a dangerous situation by someone as good looking as Dan Vasser, even if it meant he was from another time?

If one is going to mention the best sci-fi, to leave out "Heroes" would be almost sinful (NBC, Monday 9/8central). Now in its second season, the saga about regular men and women discovering that they have special powers continues. Can you read someone else's thoughts without them knowing? Can you die a gruesome death, but yet not really die? Can you soar through the sky like a bird and go anywhere you wish? Do you have the power to erase someone's precious memories? Probably not. But the "Heroes" do and can, and this is all to save the world. How they plan to do it with these abilities should be good enough reason to tune in.

Now when you hear the name "Jamie Sommers" you may think "The Bionic Woman," but today's "Bionic Woman" (NBC, Wednesday 9/8central) is definitely not yesterday's action heroine. Our dear Jamie has evolved and has put her new technologically advanced prosthetics into major kick-butt mode. If you are looking for a replacement to "Alias," NBC's remake of the popular 70's television show "The Bionic Woman" may come pretty close as actress Michelle Ryan continues to display that she can throw down like the boys, if not better.
Sci-Fi Imports

A bit if change is always good. Where better to look for that than BBC America. Two great sci-fi imports that are probably not getting as much recognition as they should are "Dr. Who" (Saturdays 7et) and "Torchwood" (Saturdays 9et).

The original "Dr. Who" aired from 1963-1989 in the UK; however, the BBC decided to revive the great "Dr.," who is now played by British actor David Tennant. Tennant is the 10th Dr. and he does play the role quite well. A time lord traveling through space and time with his trusted companion (as the Dr. always must have a companion) Rose, played by actress Billie Piper; he encounters past enemies and new aliens and monsters throughout the galaxy. Some are even found on our dear planet earth.
Aliens being what they are, there must be some secret earthly organization to battle these beings. The Dr. certainly can't do it alone; after all, he's constantly on the go. This is why there's "Torchwood." A spin off of "Dr. Who," it is an organization so secret that it is "separate from the government, working outside the police and beyond the United Nations." Utilizing found alien technology, these scientists fight both alien and human crimes. For this reason, this young team of sleuths should definitely not be overlooked.

Classic Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi shows may come and go, but no matter how many newbies abound there will always be the classics that deserve honorable mentions. These include:

Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise
Twilight Zone
The X-Files
The Outer Limits

If you've never seen any of these great sci-fi shows go rent them now or find some of them currently still in reruns on the Sci-Fi channel.

Story by Doshka Harvey
Starpulse.com contributing writer

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