Last month Starpulse welcomed our first-ever celebrity guest blogger, singer / songwriter Kate Voegele, who also plays singer / songwriter Mia on the hit CW series One Tree Hill. Kate's been keeping us up to date with everything that's going on in her busy 'dual life' by sending us an update every couple of weeks. She recently released her second album, A Fine Mess, which contains her recent hit single "99 Times" (video below).

Here's Part 3 of Kate's Blog:

Hey Starpulse, Kate here.

I wanted to tell you more about my adventures on the road, I think I left off from my last blog on the bus…

We had our share of our famous 'dance parties on the bus' which take place in the front lounge and usually involve flashlights, a lot of house music, Tom Jones, Lady Gaga and the like...and by Tom Jones and Lady Gaga I mean their killer jams..not the people themselves… although that would be a pretty rad combination.

So we toured through May and into June which took us up the west coast and into Canada. Then in July the band and I had the incredible opportunity of playing The Tonight Show with the one and only Conan O'Brien. Probably one of the most fun things I've ever done. We played my single "99 Times" and Conan was a total sweetheart...even though he STILL towered over me despite my 5 inch Jimmy Choos that I hoped would give me a lift. Adam Sandler was the other guest that night and was such a nice guy as well. So refreshing to meet successful people who are real and fun to talk to!

After the show we had a funny ordeal that basically amounted to my drummer, Bob, getting his knee stuck in a fence outside our hotel bar on Sunset Blvd. He was stuck for about 2 hours and after many attempts to get him out using various methods such as pouring hotel shampoo all over his jeans, the bartender finally saved the day by sawing through the steel fence with a hacksaw. I got most of this on video and have never been so thankful for the video feature on my camera. So now that Bob is out of the fence, we can play more shows and we'll be doing a bunch of fun gigs this fall in the US, Canada and Europe...So check out and for tour dates and hopefully we'll be rolling through near you!


Kate Voegele

Watch the video for Kate's "99 Times":
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