1.) Starpulse user Rasharpe asks, "Why do stars marry each other? With all the big egos, I would think they are better off with a mate that is not in show biz."

One of the reasons celebrities pair up is because they meet each other in the business. While making a TV show, attending a film premiere, or networking at parties, stars can't help but mingle with other famous people. However, average workplace romances have around an 80% failure rate and Hollywood is no exception (check out our article "Workplace Romance: Costars Who Fell In Love").

Some stars also like the publicity that goes along with dating another celebrity. Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck (and Jennifer & Diddy) are prime examples, and stardom no doubt led to their demise. Although Jennifer has since celebrated the birth of twins with her famous hubby, Marc Anthony.

Several stars have complained that it's difficult dating non-celebrities. Carrie Underwood recently told Allure magazine, "You never really know why somebody wants to be around you or if they do genuinely like you. I wish everyone had a label on their forehead so you could automatically tell their intentions. Sometimes you just wish that no one wanted anything from you."

But there have been several famous/non-famous pairings. Just ask Matt Damon and his wife (a former bartender) who welcomed their second child together Aug. 20.

2.) Hambrookart asks, "I haven't heard much about Kat DeLuna. What's been going on with her?"

Kat De Luna recently released the single "Calling You" on her MySpace page and official website. She is currently working on her second album.

3.) nicedude_b asks, "Does Tila Tequila really have a girlfriend or is it fake?"

Tila Tequila told In Touch magazine that she found real love with girlfriend Courtenay Semel. Tila will not be returning for a third season of "Shot At Love" on MTV because she doesn't want to jeopardize her new relationship.

4.) MassieKur asks, "Is Katy Perry gay or bisexual? My friends all say she's gay, but I'm pretty sure she's bi."

Katy Perry is currently dating Gym Class Heroes star Travis McCoy. She says her inspiration for her song "I Kissed A Girl" was actress Scarlett Johansson but admits she would like to smooch Megan Fox. Perry has stated she's not a lesbian and loves men.

5.) Aliluv29, asks, "Who are the cast members from Still Standing?"

Mark Addy, Jami Gertz, Jennifer Irwin, Taylor Ball, and Renee Olstead.

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