Country music’s fastest rising star Josh Turner is back with his third studio album, “Everything Is Fine.” Turner is a pure singer who emotes from his soul.

With the success of his first two albums, where critics showered his music with praise and even compared him to the late Johnny Cash, it’s no wonder that Turner titled his new album “Everything Is Fine.”

Turner uses the first two songs, the self-penned “Everything Is Fine” and “Firecracker,” to show listeners that country can be both positive and a lot of fun.

The Trisha Yearwood duet “Another Try” shows another side to the album - “There’s no changing things that we regret/The best that we can hope for is one more chance.” It is one of the best ballads that I’ve heard in a very long time. Love and loss is something that Turner feels is relevant because it’s what all people go through in their lives.

The awe-inspiring track “Nowhere Fast” was co-written by Anthony Hamilton. The Grammy nominated R&B artist didn’t just sing the song with Turner, he specifically wrote the song for him.

Turner’s album is filled with songs about love, loss, heartache, happiness and everything else that falls in between. With his pure baritone voice and great country songs, Turner reminds us why country music is a much-loved genre.

Tracks from Josh Turner - Everything Is Fine:
1. Everything Is Fine - (Turner) - 3:35
2. Firecracker - (Turner, Camp, McLaughlin) - 3:29
3. Another Try - (Spillman, Stapleton) - 3:46
4. So Not My Baby - (Lammonds, Camp) - 3:34
5. Trailerhood - (Turner) - 3:22
6. Baby, I Go Crazy - (Turner, Anderson) - 3:24
7. Nowhere Fast - (Hamilton, Wooten) - 5:31
8. Longer the Waiting (The Sweeter the Kiss) - (McLaughlin, Cook) - 5:01
9. One Woman Man - (Franks, Horton) - 2:30
10. Soulmate - (Turner, Anderson) - 3:50
11. Way He Was Raised - (Turner, Tomberlin, Narmore) - 4:32
12. South Carolina Low Country - (Turner) - 4:48

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Reviewed by Angie Rentmeester contributing writer