The marriage relationship is the staple and backbone of our society—and the same goes for the TV Land universe. Besides the requisite cop and law shows and all the TV trends in between that have come and gone, marriage and family shows have always been the rock. As television shows have evolved (and censorship has denigrated) so have the way couples have been shown relating to each other. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy) slept in twin beds and Lucy most times resorted to manipulation to get her way, or she whined and cried until she did. Mike and Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch) never had an argument, even with six stepkids in the house. Edith Bunker was Archie’s doormat (All In the Family). Al Bundy was Peg’s doormat (Married with Children). And there’s nothing worse than being the adult married couple buried under a cast of uber-attractive teenagers with their own messy lives!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve identified five outstanding couples in varying degrees of couplehood. Of course, there are more and everyone has their favorites, but we like these folks:

Peter and Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife)Alicia has the stand by your man thing down pretty well, but she has already been distancing herself emotionally. Peter won’t see it coming until it’s too late. (They never do.) She’s smart and is her own woman with an excellent career, and clearly will not need the philandering and in-his-own-world Peter for anything. It also doesn’t hurt to have Will waiting in the wings. 

What we can learn—Have your own, girl, have your own.


Jim and Stephanie Powell (No Ordinary Family)It seems a bit of a stretch to understand how a police sketch artist and a scientist got together; clearly they don’t travel in the same circles. But super powers can add a lot of spice to a relationship. 

What we can learn—It’s nice to have a secret that only you two can share.


Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Smallville)Finally! These two are engaged! Clark finally realized that he has someone he can trust and Lois has finally met her match intellectually and emotionally. We don’t know how the final season of Smallville will end,  but we do know that some matches are ordained by the cosmos. 

What we can learn—Have each other’s backs.


Eric and Tammy Taylor (Friday Night Lights)This has got to be the most normal couple on TV right now. They both work normal jobs as a high school football coach and principal respectively. They have two daughters. They argue about money and the day-to-day management of life. They support each other in the ups and downs of raising kids and dealing with career stress and the stress that others can put on a relationship. 

What can we learn—Every now and then you have to take a Friday night for your relationship.


Mike Biggs and Molly Flynn (Mike and Molly)This is one of the more refreshing shows in this post-Lost world. They don’t fit the image-conscious mold of what we are normally used to seeing, (Twitter), but these two love, appreciate and enjoy each other. Mike and Molly aren’t married, but they have both stated that they’re in it for the long haul. 

What we can learn—Humor as well as a few well-placed one-liners can go a long way in a relationship.