"Resistance is futile" this October as Spike TV presents the fourth annual "Scream," the first and only global event of its kind to honor the best in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic genres. Taping on Saturday, October 17 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA, "Scream 2009" celebrates the hottest films, TV shows, comics, actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry. This year's show will also continue the tradition of featuring exclusive World Premieres from some of the most anticipated movies of 2010. The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT).

"Eight out of the 10 highest grossing films of all time are in the 'Scream' genres, which is due to the incredible passion and loyalty of these fans," said Casey Patterson, executive producer of "Scream 2009" and senior vice president of event production, talent development and studio relations for Spike TV. "We're thrilled to once again to present the only global event honoring their heroes."

Some of the nominees' reactions include:

"Without all of the fans, the claws would have been sheathed a long time ago! Thank you so much," said Hugh Jackman after hearing he was nominated for two "Scream" awards and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was nominated for 13.

"Everyone knows it's the VILLAINS who have the most fun. Thanks to the 'Scream' team and congrats to everyone at 'True Blood.' This is very exciting for the whole show," said Best Villain nominee and star of HBO's "True Blood" Alexander Skarsgard.

"Thank you for the nomination and thank you for letting me frighten you. I look forward to doing it again sometime soon," said Ryan Kwanten after hearing he was nominated for Best Horror Actor for his role as Jason Stackhouse on "True Blood."

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"Getting nominated for kissing a Vulcan is a better fate than logic," said "Star Trek's" Zoe Saldana after getting word she received two "Scream" Awards nominations for Best Breakout Performance: Female and Best Science Fiction Actress.

J.J. Abrams' Sci-Fi action-adventure "Star Trek" tops the list with 17 nominations including The Ultimate Scream, Best Science Fiction Movie, Best Director, Best Ensemble, Holy Sh*t Scene of the Year and a nod in the all-new Fight-to-the-Death Scene of the Year category. Comic book-inspired blockbusters "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "Watchmen" each nabbed 13 nominations, while HBO's vampire-themed television series "True Blood" garnered nine nominations. (The full list of categories and nominations is on the next page.)

Ballots were sent out to Spike TV's "Scream 2009" advisory board, consisting of some of the most respected and well-known members of the horror, sci-fi, fantasy and comic book worlds who were responsible for advising on categories and determining nominees in each category. All films, television shows and comic books were deemed eligible for inclusion if they were released between August 9, 2008 and July 15, 2009 and were representative of the genres listed. Winners will be determined by online voting at Scream.spike.com.

Esteemed members of this year's advisory board* include:

Tim Burton, (writer/director/producer "Edward Scissorhands")
Wes Craven (writer/director "A Nightmare on Elm Street")
Roland Emmerich (writer/producer/director, "Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow," "2012")
Neil Gaiman (writer/producer "Beowulf," "Stardust," "MirrorMask")
(writer/producer/director "Sin City," "300," writer/producer "The Spirit")
Eli Roth (writer/producer/director, "Hostel," "Cellular", "Cabin Fever")
Zack Snyder (director, "300," "Watchmen")

*A full list of Spike TV's 2009 Advisory Board members can be found on spike.com.

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