It's the middle of winter and not only has the weather been crummy, but so were the movies (One Missed Call, anyone?). Warm weather isn't the only thing people are looking forward to come springtime; we're also anticipating a refreshing group of comedic, dramatic and fantastic films. Here's a sneak peak at some of the films moviegoers will see when they hit theaters in April and May:

Release Date: April 4
Mix romance with football and you get this quick-witted romantic comedy starring Oscar winners George Clooney and Renee Zellweger. The film is set in 1925 when America's favorite sport, football, is emerging. Dodge Connolly (Clooney) is a charming football hero who wants his team to go from bar fights to playing football for packed stadiums. When the team loses a sponsor, Dodge convinces a college football star, Carter Rutherford (Jon Krasinski), to join his team. Rutherford is the All-American golden boy. He's a war hero who single-handedly made German solders surrender in WWI, he is good looking and he seems to have an unparalleled speed on the field. Lexie Littleton (Zellweger) is suspicious that this player is a little too good to be true, and she sets out to prove her case.

Prom Night
Release Date: April 11
Just in time for prom is the remake of the notorious 1980s teen slasher flick "Prom Night." The prom is the biggest night of a senior girl's life. A gorgeous dress, cute date and staying out all night to party with your friends makes the prom a magical night. This is what Donna Keppler (Brittany Snow) had planned on, especially after feeling safe from the horrors that happened in her past. When the prom turns deadly, she knows there is only one person who could be responsible, a man she thought was out of her life forever. Now Donna and her friends need to find a way to survive their senior prom.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Release Date: April 18
"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is a cheeky comedy from the producers of Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Peter Bretter (How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel) is a musician who has been idolizing his girlfriend, television star Sarah Marshall (Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell) for the last six years. His life is turned upside down when she decides to dump him for someone else, a British-rock star named Aldous (Russell Brand). Peter decides to take a trip to Oahu, where he realizes his ex and her new boyfriend are also on vacation. To make matters worse, their hotel rooms are right next to each other. As he begins to realize that she is not going to take him back, he begins to flirt with a resort employee named Rachel (That 70s Show's Mila Kunis) whose laid-back personality making him feel a lot better. The official website describes the movie best: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the world's first romantic disaster comedy. For anyone who has ever had their heart ripped out and cut into a billion pieces comes a hilarious, heartfelt look at relationships."