The Futureheads debuted in 2004 along with other post-punk revivalists Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. Each band has had varying degrees of success over the last four years. The Futureheads, who were outshined at the time by Bloc Party's critical acclaim and Franz Ferdinand's monster hit "Take Me Out," now find themselves without a record label and poised to take on the record industry as a whole.

The band was formed in Sunderland, England, in 2000 and has released 3 EPs and two albums since 2002. The 15 tracks of their self-titled debut invigorate the listener for 36 minutes before combusting. Their energetic and emotional cover of the classic Kate Bush song "Hounds of Love" became a hit in the UK and a concert favorite. Called both moody and difficult by the band in interviews, their second album, News & Tributes, showed a band stretching their sound to include both haunting atmospheres and guitars more feral than anything they'd done before. Mounting tensions between the band and their label caused them to part ways after the relative commercial failure of "News & Tributes."

While most other bands would have either called it a day or run screaming back to the conventions of the music industry, the Futureheads have strengthened their resolve and taken their career into their own hands. They're releasing their upcoming album through their own company, Nul Records, and have blitzed the internet with YouTube videos, newsletters, and exclusive free downloads of new tracks. Supported by a loyal fan base, the new single "Beginning of the Twist" has already garnered praise, airplay, and chart success. Their third album, This Is Not the World, will be released in May.

The Futureheads - The Beginning Of The Twist

Story by Brett White contributing writer