The stereotypical "Chick Flick" is a movie geared towards the ladies. You drag your boyfriends to see them with you, cry your eyes out and believe that there really is a fairy tale ending to every story. There are some great chick flicks out there that even guys don't mind watching…don't be embarrassed! Yet, there are a few that even chicks don't like!

Here is our list of the worst chick flicks:

Failure to Launch

AKA "Failure to Make Money at the Box Office" had potential to be a good chick flick but bombed badly. Sarah Jessica Parker plays a therapist/interventionist who is paid to get 35-year-old Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) out of his parent's house.

Autumn in New York

The title of this movie screams chick flick, yet it's hard to imagine Winona Ryder and Richard Gere as a couple! He plays a 48-year-old playboy and she's a 22-year-old artist who has a life-threatening illness.

Sweet November

This movie is too predictable, full of cheesy clichés and lacks an exciting storyline. Not to mention Keanu Reeves is a horrible actor.

Georgia Rule

The behind-the-scenes gossip about Lindsay Lohan being horrible to work with gave this film a bad reputation from the start, and it didn't improve once it hit the box office!


Britney Spears is a great performer, but she should stick to singing and dancing. The film was boring and predictable! Three childhood friends take a road trip to Los Angeles with a random guy who ends up being a criminal.


Don't couples in Hollywood know that they are not supposed to co-star in movies together? It never works out for the movie or the couple! Ben Affleck plays a hit man named Gigli and Jennifer Lopez plays a lesbian named Ricki. And this is supposed to be a romantic comedy?

Runaway Bride

This movie had great potential to be an enjoyable chick flick, but it just didn't succeed. Julia Roberts plays a woman who is always leaving her grooms at the alter; yes it happens more than once! Although she's reunited again with Richard Gere, "Runaway Bride" fails to come close to Pretty Woman on the chick flick meter!