It may seem like Demetri Martin is new to the comedy scene, but he has been involved in it for about eight years. After graduating from Yale University and dropping out of NYU's Law School, Martin pursued a career in comedy. Some highlights of his early career include writing for Late Night With Conan O'Brien and interning at and later appearing on The Daily Show. Martin has also appeared on "Comedy Central Presents."

Martin's comedy is unique but also reminiscent of the styles of Mitch Hedberg and Steven Wright. Martin frequently uses one-liners and word-play in his stand-up act as well as drawings. He is well known for using a "LARGE PAD" to draw comedic charts and graphs such as "The Cuteness of a Girl vs. How Interested I Am in Hearing About How Intuitive Her Cat Is", in which the more the girl talks about her cat, the less cute she is. During some of his specials, he has friends of his dress in costume and act out stories about where his jokes come from and where they go after he tells them.

Martin makes jokes about everyday situations and thoughts rather than the media and pop culture. Topics of his jokes include shoe shopping, washing machines, pajamas with pockets, and checkers.

Martin's act is unique in that he incorporates music into his stand-up. He plays guitar, harmonica, bells, glockenspiel, piano and keyboard and often plays more than one at the same time while telling his jokes. Martin recorded a live CD and DVD in 2006 titled "These Are Jokes." Not only does the CD have tracks with his jokes but also songs that he performs such as "Personal Information Waltz" and "Sames & Opposites." In 2007, Martin had a special titled "Demetri Martin. Person." on Comedy Central that was later released on DVD.

"Important Things With Demetri Martin" premiered on Comedy Central in February and just ended its first season that featured seven episodes. In each episode, Martin chooses an important thing such as safety or power, and every sketch focuses on said important thing. Martin plays several different characters in the skits and also does some stand-up and literal sketches. The "LARGE PAD" makes frequent appearances too.

In addition to his own stand-up acts and television shows, Martin has appeared in small roles in Analyze That, The Rocker, and Flight of the Conchords. Demetri Martin will be in the upcoming films "The Post Grad Survival Guide" and Taking Woodstock. Both are due out later this year.

Story by Sara Martone

Starpulse contributing writer