If you haven't experienced the comedic performances of Kristen Wiig, you're missing out! She is one of the talented stars of Saturday Night Live who keep the show going.

Everything she does is so hilarious that it's sometimes hard to watch the show without peeing your pants! Kristen joined the cast of SNL in mid 2005 and hopefully won't be leaving anytime soon. Her most memorable characters on the show are Penelope, Virgania Horsen, Excited Sue and the Target Lady.

Penelope - Kristen plays an annoying, know-it-all lady named Penelope who is always trying to one up everyone she comes in contact with. During one skit, Penelope is at a meeting for her apartment complex when she encounters a neighbor who says he lives in 2G. Penelope responds, "Yeah I live in 1C, so just one more floor closer to the ground, so in case there's a fire, I'd probably get out a lot easier than a lot of people, so it's just safer so I just like it."

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Virgania Horsen - Kristen plays quirky and awkward Virgania Horsen who offers hot air balloon rides or her personal Pony Express mail delivery system. She claims she'll be able to deliver your packages better than Fed-Ex "which is for terrorists" and UPS "don't trust them!"

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Excited Sue - Kristen plays a middle age lady named Sue who gets overly excited about everything from her neighbor's granddaughter's birthday party to a friend's engagement. "Oh my God, I just didn't know this was happening tonight!" You can't beat the sweater Sue wears in the skits either!

Target Lady - Kristen plays a mid-western Target employee who often is so interested in what customers are purchasing, that she will leave her register to go put that item on hold. She calls the Target symbol, "the Turr-get circles." She probably means the bulls eye!

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Not only has Kristen made us laugh on Saturday Night Live but she also steals the show on the big screen. She is featured in Knocked Up as Jill a producer at E!, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story as Edith Cox, Dewey's wife, Forgetting Sarah Marshall as a yoga instructor, and Semi-Pro as a bear handler. She also stars in Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear.

If you can't stay up that late on Saturday nights don't worry! You can check out all of her famous and hilarious SNL characters on www.nbc.com. You will absolutely laugh out loud and fall in love with Kristen Wiig!

Story by Erin Demchak

Starpulse contributing writer