First came the Beatles' self-titled "white album," then Metallica and Jay-Z each recorded a "Black Album." Now, look out for "The Yellow Album" from SpongeBob SquarePants, which will be released November 15 by Nick Records/SONY BMG Strategic Marketing Group. 'The Yellow Album' contains songs kids already know from the series, including The SpongeBob theme song, "Gary's Song" (from the upcoming DVD and TV special 'Where's Gary') and 21 other delightful tunes featured on the blockbuster Nickelodeon series.

Playing like an iPod set to shuffle, 'The Yellow Album' ranges from garage rock ("Doing The Sponge") to hip-hop ("When Worlds Collide") and from Broadway ("Hey All You People") to folk ("Hey Mean Mr. Bossman"), even including a power ballad ("Sweet Victory") and a dance track ("Stadium Rave"). A freewheeling, playful soundtrack that will find adults laughing and grooving along with their young ones, 'The Yellow Album' was produced by Emily Wittmann.

The "CD Extra" includes bonus music videos of "Squidward's Clarinet" from The Complete First Season DVD and a-never-before-seen music video for "Cha Ching" from the Lost In Time DVD coming February 2006. A spectacular 8 x 11 poster of rock and roll SpongeBob is also included in the packaging.


1. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song
2. Sweet Victory
3. Ripped Pants
4. Doing The Sponge
5. He's Flying
6. Gary's Song
7. Sweater Song
8. Hey All You People
9. Bubble Beat Box
10. Underwater Sun
11. Bossy Boots Song
12. When Worlds Collide
13. Jelly Fish Jam
14. Campfire Song Song
15. Hey Mean Mr. Bossman
16. Stadium Rave
17. All You Need Is Friends
18. Nick's B. Danube
19. That's What Friends Do
20. You're Old
21. Electric Zoo
22. Jingle Bells
23. B.C. Strut