Monday’s new HIMYM, “The Rebound Girl,” began with Lily and Marshall preparing to once again host Thanksgiving dinner and ended with a huge revelation. 

Marshall and Lily had recently been given Lily’s grandparents’ house on Long Island.  They were now forced to decide to either sell it or move.   Their original idea was to sell, but after spending some time in the house, their Manhattan apartment seemed a little cramped.  They decide to host Thanksgiving out in Long Island and give everyone a chance to check out the place.

Meanwhile, a forlorn Ted and recently rejected Barney were bemoaning their bad luck at the bar.  They joke around about how they are done with women, when in their depressed stupor they come up with the worst idea of all time.  They decide that they should adopt a baby and raise it together as bros.  What?!?

Ted is on board with the idea at first, but finally comes to his senses and tells Barney that they could never do it.  However, the next day Barney comes to Ted’s apartment with a baby strapped to his chest. 

Earlier in the episode, Barney said that he has a guy for everything and that if he doesn’t have a guy he has a guy to find a guy who is named Guy.  “What did you do? Do you have a baby guy?” says Ted.  “Did Guy the guy guy find you a baby guy?” 

Ted is outraged at first, but quickly falls in love with the adorable baby.  Then when Barney shows him what a chick magnet the baby is, he says he’s in. They take the baby out to Long Island for Thanksgiving.

Robin had been really anxious about the whole Lily and Marshall moving decision. When they get to Long Island, she locks herself in the bathroom and says she’s not coming out until they agree to sell the house. 

When Barney and Ted arrive with the baby, Lily and Marshall quickly tell them what a stupid idea it is.  A little later, Barney’s brother James arrives and reveals that he is Barney’s “baby guy.”  It turns out that the girl was James and Tom’s new adopted daughter.  James tells them about how eager he was to start a family, but that he was so grateful that he waited to find the right person to do it with. 

Barney goes in through the window of the bathroom to see if he can talk any sense into Robin.  “We’re still friends right?” Barney asks.  “I hope so,” replies Robin.  Barney starts to talk about the whole adoption thing he and Ted almost did.  “Can you imagine me being somebody’s dad?” says Barney.  There is a pause, and Robin responds, “I’m pregnant.”

Whoa.  That one goes up there with the biggest a-bombs dropped in the seven seasons of HIMYM.  The immediate question is who is the father?  After Barney and Robin’s relapse hook-up, it could be either Barney or Kevin’s.  What does this mean for Robin and Kevin’s relationship?  Would Barney being the father steer Robin back towards Barney?

This episode was written by show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.  They really know how to surprise us.  I must admit, this episode was not as legendary as many of the holiday episodes have been, but they set up that shocker so perfectly that I find it pretty hard to criticize. 

HIMYM will be a rerun for the first time this season this coming Monday.  Look for the legend to continue December 5th at 8/7c on CBS, when it is rumored Robin will tell the rest of the gang about her pregnancy.