As we head towards the fall finale, things on "Prison Break" continue to heat up. Allegiances may have shifted (again), but Scylla remains the focus of nearly everyone's attention. When last we left our old friends, Michael (Wentworth Miller) had been taken in by The Company, and The General (Leon Russom) had struck a "bargain" (word of the day, right Pee-Wee?) with Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). The deal? If Lincoln and his friends are able to successfully return Scylla to The General, Big G will remove that nasty tumor from Michael's brain. Seems reasonable, right? Let's see if everyone held up their end of the "bargain."

Visit from an Old Friend

As that dynamic duo of Lincoln and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) sets off to try and stop Self (Michael Rapaport) and Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) from selling Scylla, Michael gets holes drilled into his head. Yes, much like primitive cultures from yesteryear, The Company also seems to value trepanation. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), once an accredited doctor, is worried by this drastic and highly experimental procedure. The General tries to reassure her by saying that the procedure has been used once before, and that it was highly successful. This not so subtle foreshadowing nicely sets up a plot twist that occurs at the end of the episode (more on that later).

During the surgery, Michael undergoes a spiritual journey of sorts. He finds himself back in his old Fox River Cell, although outside of the confines of the room everything is completely dark. On the wall is a collage of pictures and clippings, similar to the collage that Michael had on the wall of his apartment when he was planning to break Lincoln out of prison oh so long ago. The only difference is that this wall collage includes pictures and clippings chronicling all of the events from the past four seasons. Those that have been dying to catch another glimpse of the "Fox River 8" wanted poster get there wish.

Michael is joined in the cell by an old friend, Charles Westmoreland (and his cat!). Charles gives Michael the generic "vision advice," telling him that he has more work to do, and that there is more to Scylla, The Company and the whole situation than he thinks. Michael specifically recalls the word "bargain," and writes it on his little wall of memories. He begins to dissect it, splitting it into separate sections. It may seem nonsensical, but Michael's vision self is actually revealing the true purpose of Scylla (or one of them at least). We find out what that is a little later in the episode.

Lincoln and Sucre, Self and Gretchen

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Sucre try to track down Self and Gretchen to stop them from selling Scylla. Lincoln is the one in charge of this operation, and if that isn't a sign of rough waters ahead, then what is? Lincoln and Sucre do eventually manage to find Self and Gretch, thanks to the helpful aid of The Company and Linc the Sink's brutalization of a convenience store clerk.

They arrive on scene just as Self and Gretchen are in the process of dealing with the Scylla buyer. Unfortunately, the distraction this causes allows the buyer (or more precisely the man representing the buyer) to steal Scylla and escape. Nice work guys.

Afterwards, before heading back into The Company complex, Sucre tells Lincoln that he has gone as far as he can go. Lincoln understands completely, telling Sucre that this has never been about him and that he has sacrificed much to help Michael and Lincoln in their quest. This is the 337th time that Sucre has called it quits in the series…will this be the time that it sticks?

Mahone Takes a Bathroom Break

Mahone (William Fichtner), tricked by his old friend Agent Lang and another former colleague last week, is in their custody and heading to an uncertain fate. The trip is a long one, and Mahone, a former federal employee, knows his rights. He requests a bathroom break, and although Lang and her superior are suspicious, they have no choice but to grant it. They find a bathroom and Mahone goes in, although he first takes a moment to once again mention to Lang how she betrayed his trust. In response, she says that everything that she has ever done is for his benefit and safety, and she doesn't want to see any harm come to him.

They take a lot of precaution with Mahone, who is an obvious flight risk, but for some reason they do not accompany him into the bathroom. Sure it is polite to grant him some privacy and all, but wouldn't it be prudent to at least have one of them go in there and keep an eye on him? It would have been, but if that had happened, Mahone would have never had a chance to steal a pipe from the sink, setting up his great escape later on.

In the car, Mahone uses the aforementioned pipe to break the window and open the door. He runs into the woods, but is eventually caught by Lang, who mentions that Mahone is the one who taught her how to track down fugitives. A tear comes to Mahone's eye as he sees the results of his tutelage. Lang again reasserts how she would do anything for Mahone (except, of course, believe him about The Company), and she proves it. She lets him escape.

The True Meaning of Scylla, and Other Juicy Tidbits

Once Michael wakes up, he realizes what the true purpose of Scylla is. Scylla is not a record of the past, rather it is information that would drastically affect the future. Included on Scylla, amongst other things, is a recipe for the ultimate energy source - a combination of elements that allows one to harvest 100% of the sun's energy. As you might have guessed, the symbols for these elements make up the word "bargain."

Lincoln returns and Michael shares this information with him. The brothers disagree about how to proceed, and in fact demonstrate a fundamental difference in their beliefs. Michael feels responsible for the world, wanting to save everyone. He can't let Scylla get in anyone's hands because the information contained within it is far too powerful. Lincoln sees things differently though. He doesn't care who ends up with Scylla or what they do with it. He just wants to rescue Michael and take care of his family.

The argument between the two brothers leads to a surprising revelation by Lincoln (though not so surprising if you have been following the clues). Their mom is alive, and she is involved with The Company. Given our knowledge of her brain tumor, it becomes pretty apparent that she was the one that The General was referencing when he discussed the procedure with Sara earlier in the episode. It is also quite likely that she is the mysterious female Scylla buyer who sent her minion to steal the precious hard drive from Self and Gretchen. Guess we'll find out next week.

Thoughts on this week's episode? Is Lincoln and Michael's mother the Scylla buyer? Just how involved with The Company is she? What will be next for Sucre and Mahone?

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer