The latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out - but does it spoil too much?

In the action-packed peek at the superhero film, titled Rise of Electro, Spider-Man's fame as a good guy appears to be growing in New York. However, that has a downside: more enemies are appearing with the intent on taking him down.

The trailer gives us a first look at The Rhino and Green Goblin in action, so if you want to be surprised at their modern outfits don't watch the trailer. Several other key plots are revealed in the clip as well, which has taken away some of the suspense:

The Green Goblin is built and Harry Osborn becomes a villain. In the comics and the original trilogy, there's a slow burn leading up to Harry becoming evil. In the Amazing trilogy he looks evil from the get-go and takes flight as the villain right away.

Spider-Man and Electro fight in Times Square. In what appears to be one of, if not the, main fights in the film occurs in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Electro taps into the power-hungry screens and lights to power himself and take on our hero.

The Rhino suit is revealed and Spider-Man fights him. The Rhino has so far been sold as a third wheel in this film, but in the trailer we get a peek at his cybernetic suit and his fight against Spidey.

Gwen Stacy survives the scene from the comics where she originally dies. In perhaps the biggest spoiler in the trailer, Gwen Stacy is falling and Spider-Man races to save her. In the comics, Stacy dies when Spider-Man lassos her with a web and the sudden halt of her fall makes her neck snap. In the trailer, Spidey safely grabs her arm with his web and she is clearly alive - without a separated shoulder, no less!

Two years ago, a fan made a 25-minute movie out of all of the trailer footage used to promote the first Amazing Spider-Man. The result revealed several key moments of the film, although it obviously left out the two big deaths.  It seems the sequel will have a similar deluge of footage accessible before the movie actually hits theaters.

Are movie trailers showing too much? Let us know in the comments below. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2.