Space Junk: Dropped, Sent, And Left Behind

It may be interesting to know that no matter how big our solar system may be, things may still be getting a little cramped up there; and not just because of the billions of stars that are scattered around the universe either.

Space junk is a form of space litter, most types of debris that float aimlessly through the galaxy. Although some forms of debris can be natural, such as broken pieces of asteroids among other forms of rocks; many kinds of space junk are artificial, human-made things that were left they're either on purpose or lost from working against space's gravity.

Trillions of these tiny pieces of random things are orbiting the Earth at this very moment. All of these things either being purposefully sent up into space, left in space as a sort of memento, or just accidentally let go of on past space escapades.

Here are reports of some unusual space junk that is in space at this very moment. Enjoy:

Abandoned Space Crafts:


One of the more obvious reasons that space junk exists in the galaxy is from the problem of workers losing pieces of their spacecraft. While some pieces may break off or are accidentally let go, it can be extremely tricky to get them back. Getting back floating pieces of equipment can be very expensive as well, so sometimes, they are just left to float away.

Many of these pieces of spacecraft will either end up burning up at some point, whether from its time floating amongst space, or if it manages to fall back into the stratosphere. The pieces can find themselves falling back to Earth, however, most likely landing in oceans.

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