Sansa Stark has been a whipping post in both the Game of Thrones HBO series and among fans of the show. Now actress Sophie Turner has defended her character and theorized why fans dislike Sansa.

In an interview with Nylon Singapore for its entertainment issue, Turner says she welcomed the challenged of the quiet and tortured Stark daughter. She told the magazine, "I really like the fact that she is quite a silent character. If she had spoken up in court at any point she would have gotten herself killed. "

Still, Turner says she used to let the criticism of her character affect her. "When I was younger, Maisie [Williams, aka fan favorite Arya Stark], who plays my sister, and I were in scenes together and people loved her character and they hated mine, and it really used to affect me."

A quick search on the Internet will return lists of hated characters from the series that place Sansa among the likes of brutal psychopath Joffrey Baratheon, so one could understand where Sophie is coming from. However, she thinks she knows why many critics dislike her character.

"I think it’s because people see their own faults in her character, and they don't like facing their own weaknesses. I think if anyone was a 13-year-old girl put in her situation, they would probably act exactly the same," she explains.

That said, Turner is very happy with her character's evolution - especially in the series' latest season. "This season has been really good for me because Sansa has gone from a vulnerable 13-year-old girl, and she is transformed. She has been learning from all these people at court on how to manipulate others and she is actually putting it into practice now. She is becoming a bit of a dark horse."

It's not the first time Sophie has defended her character - watch below: