The original idea for Final Destination came from Jeffrey Reddick and it was originally intended for the "X-Files." This makes a certain kind of sense, since the idea of people cheating death and then death trying to get them back does feel like a case that can be wrapped up in a single hour long episode. There is a certain "The Twilight Zone" feel to the story as well, and this may be why the original film was considered a pretty interesting horror plot. There is no exact 'villain' in it, and it's more about sitting back and watch a group of pretty young people try not to get viciously killed by the end of two hours. And fail miserably. The newest (and possibly last) chapter of the series comes out this week, The Final Destination. If there is one thing these movies do well, it is the preparation and execution of death on screen. From the simple to the obscure, they never fail to surprise or gross out their audience. Here's a look at some of the best Final Destination deaths!

Keep in mind that these clips are highly violent, bloody, and might have swears. The movies are rated R for a reason!

The First Death - Todd Waggner

This still gives everyone chills. Todd (Chad Donella) is the very first official death of Final Destination. After his best friend Alex (Devon Sawa) gets a vision that the plane he is on will crash, he and several of his friends leave. The plane then does crash and death intends to get back at the lucky victims one by one. Todd is the first one to die after the crash, and it seems like an ordinary enough moment. He is just taking his clothes off a hanging wire in the bathroom, but one little slip and bam, he's strangled to death. It's brutal, direct, and somewhat plausible. Creepy.

The Car Crash - Final Destination 2

This is the accident that actually gets stopped in Final Destination 2, but it probably is the coolest of all the movies set ups. The most eye catching, certainly, with the constant streams of explosions, cars flipping over, and people dying awfully. The tree trunk through the driver's seat is my personal favorite. At first you think it was probably great that Kimberly (A.J. Cook) saves everyone by stopping the crash, but since they all die anyway through more complicated means, it might've been smarter just to let fate run its course. This was a pretty terrifying opener.

Two for One - Clear and Eugene

This double whammy in Final Destination 2 was especially worthwhile because it took out Clear (Ali Larter), the only survivor of Final Destination that made it to the second movie. She survived through her time in the mental institution, but the poor girl just couldn't let sleeping dogs lie. She tried to help the new batch of endangered people, and look what she got for it. Burned alive. The lesson is don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Don't Be Over-Confident - Lewis

The Premise of Final Destination 3 is a bit on the silly side, since everyone dies on a roller coaster. They still come up with pretty great ways to die afterward. Lewis (Texas Battle) really should learn not to laugh at death, because Death doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Or maybe he does, because Lewis' arrogance might just be why his skull is crushed in one swift move. Heh.

You Thought You Won - Everyone Left

This is a big spoiler for the end of Final Destination 3, but come on, you know they're all going to die one way or the other. Just when Kevin, Juliet, and Wendy think they might be home free, they learn that this is a horror film and they're pretty much screwed. This action sequence on the train at the end of the film is better than the roller coaster beginning, and again it falls back on an almost-feasible scenario that is pretty much terrifying to the average person. Maybe this happens, maybe it doesn't, but ... oh it totally happened. Great ending to an otherwise okay film.

Okay This Is Just Mean - Ms. Lewton

Death is one cruel S.O.B. This is probably the most vicious death of all the Final Destination movies, not because it is the most brutal, but rather because she suffers for a long time and dies three different ways. Seriously. This woman had some bad karma coming to her. This is from the very first movie and the teacher who gets off the plane with the kids gets her throat slit, stabbed in the chest, and then set on fire. Seriously. That's a little overkill.

Story by Chelsea Doyle
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