Day 5: Los Angeles

Christina Applegate becomes the guest judge at the LA auditions.

Jessica Richens

The So You Think You Can Dance season 11 producers really play up Jessica’s sexiness. She dances a jazz number, which includes a hat prop. Jessica’s slick dance moves proves she’s more than a pretty face. Jessica gets a ticket without us hearing any of the judges’ feedback.

Valerie Rockey

Valerie does a tap number with lots of energy and spirit. Nigel called it good but commented at times it was kiddie. They decide to send her to choreography.

Jana “Jaja” Vankova

Jaja from the Czech Republic discusses how very few women do animation and krump dancing. With her brilliantly executed dance skills, she proves why more women should. We only see the judges give her a standing ovation and a ticket.

Kyle Taylor

Kyle ends up in a popping and locking battle with former So You Think You Can Dance contestants Fik-Shun, Cyrus, and Legacy.  Despite the high energy battle, he gets sent to choreography instead of a ticket.

Justine Lutz

Justine does a masterly crafted, contortionist inspired contemporary piece. She also gets a ticket and a standing ovation.

Deise Mendonca and Mauricio Vera

Deise and Mauricio talk about how they fell in love through ballet. The piece basically showcases Deise’s superb ballet skills and Mauricio’s partnering ones. The judges express a little doubt about Mauricio being able to do solos, but they’re both given tickets.

Hailee Payne

Hailee does a nice jazz-funk dance but her “quirky” personality is what really grabs viewers. She gets a ticket.

Sebastian Serra

Sebastian auditioned last year, but didn’t make the final cuts. His ballet number quickly captivates the judges. Mary even says she feels the stage is too small for him. Sebastian leaves with another ticket.

Dani Platz

Dani reveals that she quit dancing for two years in high school because she suffered from an eating disorder. She does a beautiful contemporary number. Christina says she understands that the movements are supposed to show Dani’s brokenness. Nigel says her movement was both beautiful and ugly at times. Christina and Mary want her to get a ticket to LA, but Nigel sends Dani to choreography.

Marie “Mary Poppins” Bonnevay

Mary Poppins closes the day with a unique take on popping. During her dance, Fiz-shun joins her. She gets called an “artist” and receives a high energy ticket.


Kyle decides to leave the round, but Dani and Valerie both gets tickets and join the 18 other to make it to the next round from that day.

The battle for which dance crew will hit the So You Think You Can Dance 2014 stage continues. This time it’s a theatrical dance group called The Academy of Villain #SYTYCDVillains versus skate break dance group Break Sk8 #SYTYCDsk8.

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