Jenny Slate made an auspicious debut on Saturday Night Live this year, accidentally saying the F word in a sketch in the season premiere. Slate remains a part of the cast, and her castmate, Kenan Thompson, reports that everything has settled down behind the scenes.

"Yeah, she's good," Thompson said. "It happens. It's a live show. [Lorne Michaels]'s not going to fire anybody over a slip up like that. That was an innocent thing I think. I don't think she was like, 'This is my chance to say the F word on television.'"

The SNL veterans were sympathetic about the uncertainty that faced Slate the rest of that weekend. "I think that Sunday following that show had to be like one of the worst days of her life because she didn't really know. Nobody's available for comment from our show until Monday and stuff like that but she moved on pretty good. We got over it, made a good joke out of it that Monday in the pitch meeting."

Thompson himself did not make light of the slip up, but recalled the event. "I didn't make the joke. [Andy] Samberg actually made the joke. He pitched something that kind of fell a little flat in the room. I think Lorne commented on how not brilliant that pitch was. Then he was like trying to divert the attention. He's like, 'Well, Jenny said f***.' The whole room blew up. It was funny."

Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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