It's Fashion Week on The CW, and "the beautiful people are out in droves." Welcome to the new series "The Beautiful Life," airing Wednesdays this fall.

Starpulse got a sneak peek at the new series, and there are definitely a lot of beautiful people in it. Sara Paxton stars as Raina, a doe-eyed 16-year-old who is the "it" model of the moment. She befriends Chris (Ben Hollingsworth), a country boy who is plucked from obscurity to start a modeling career. Meanwhile, the more experienced Sonja (Mischa Barton) is back on the scene after an unexplained six-month hiatus. High School Musical actor Corbin Bleu and real-life model Elle MacPherson also star.

"The Beautiful Life" shows both the glamorous and seedy side of modeling, particularly alluding to the favors some do in order to get ahead. It's likely the series will also delve into another aspect of modeling - doing anything and everything to stay thin in such a competitive environment.

If its drama you want, surrounded by perfect-looking beautiful people, "The Beautiful Life" is one to watch. There's no doubt we'll see a lot of the ugly side too.

Image © The CW Television Network

Story by Noelle Talmon contributing writer