(Spoiler Alert) Last week TV Guide announced that they would have an exclusive sneak preview of the third season premiere of NBC and Tina Fey's 30 Rock available to both subscribers and checkout stand purchasers. Not wanting to be outdone, though, NBC posted the episode themselves on hulu.com yesterday, allowing us at starpulse.com to start our recaps one week early!

"Do-Over" opens with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) heading to her office in 30 Rockefeller Plaza; she looks exceptionally refreshed, well put-together, happy, and not really like herself. Jack (Alec Baldwin) pulls up alongside her in a limo, back from D.C. and eager to return to his position as the head of programming and microwave ovens. Liz is excited to see him, but even more excited because today is the day the adoption agency finally sends someone over to do her "home study," and she is oddly optimistic that it will go well in only the way someone who has never seen this show should be.

Megan Mullally is first up in a string of big, important guest stars for the season, portraying the aforementioned adoption agent, who first visits Liz at her apartment and grills her on everything from how many men she brings back to her apartment in a common year to whether or not she's ever been arrested (surprisingly, the answer to that last one is yes, when Liz mistook a shipyard for a nude beach on her semester abroad in Germany), and then heads over to the TGS offices, where Liz first warns everyone to be on their best behavior and "remove the porn" from their offices. She has the set decorators create a nursery out of the green room because she "may have lied about some stuff" and then turns her attention toward the current one-upping between Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna (Jane Krakowski) over the issue of profits from his new and extremely successful porn-videogame. Jenna is upset he is taking all of the credit (ie: money), so Liz urges him to buy the team gifts. He hands over solid gold nun chucks to Frank (Judah Friedlander), a chinchilla coat to Pete (Scott Adsit), but only coupons for "Free Hugs" to Jenna; Liz is certainly getting a lesson in patience, tolerance, and mothering from these guys!

Jack and Devon continue their rivalry, as well, in "Do Over," with Devon first offering Jack a position in the mailroom, which he accepts because he knows he has worked his way up once and can do so again. By mid-morning, he has already been promoted twice, back in a power suit, and feeling confident, when Kathy Geiss hits on him in a very soap opera way. He debates a little bit about whether or not he should go through with seducing Kathy just to get ahead, which he postures is really just what Devon's doing anyway, but after seeing how Devon is running the company into the ground with theme park fires and selling the E from GE, he concedes. At the last minute, though, Liz bursts into the office, unable to let him go through with it, and they put on a soap opera spectacle for an enraptured Kathy, who urges them to kiss. Though they get caught up in the moment, they both quickly snap back to reality, wrinkle their noses, and "ew" that sentiment. Jack then goes to work for Kathy as her financial and business advisor, once again putting him in charge and at the big desk in the big windowed office.

While giving Megan Mullally the tour around the studio, Liz encounters the expected hindrances-from ironic exploding light bulbs to interviews with her staff that offer a less than stellar look at Liz (Jenna says she used to date OJ Simpson and that he was a "gentleman," which basically implies she can't judge character, and Frank goes on and on about some circus accident video). Just as Jack swoops in to attempt to save the day, though, Kathy flies into a rage about seeing him with another woman and throws Megan Mullally up against a wall. As she is making her escape, she runs right into Frank's nun chuck and gets knocked unconscious, which leaves her with short term memory loss, allowing for Liz to proclaim it's time for a-wait for it!-do over!

Best lines of the night:

Jack (talking about Dick Cheney staying alive for a long time: "That man is mostly made of metal."

Liz: "[Devon]'s horrible; he doesn't even care when we should have cake for the people whose birthdays are on the weekend!"

Kenneth (one of his mere three lines of the night): "Three of my nine siblings were adopted… and someday, I'm going to find them."

Story by Danielle Turchiano

Starpulse contributing writer