Earlier this summer, Facebook teamed up with the NBC marketing department to bring it back to what it once was: a grassroots college networking site. Through exclusive invitations sent around via Facebook messages, dozens of lucky fans of the new NBC and Joel McHale comedy "Community" got to attend a special screening of the show, followed by a cast Q&A at their local community college.

Last night - after granting Facebook users an instantaneous (and free!) look at the "Community" pilot simply for "Becoming a Fan" of the show on the site - NBC held a screening at "Community's" own Los Angeles City College. The mood was completely casual, as everyone knew they were there to laugh.

Panelist Dan Harmon (Writer/Executive Producer/Webisodes Host) and Chevy Chase (who plays Pierce) were especially "on" all night long, making fun of the Canadian accent and his motivations for writing the series, as well as "reacting" by odd faces and equally not-suitable-for-public gestures while co-star Yvette Nicole Brown (who plays Shirley) answered fans' questions about shooting.

Brown spent much of the evening bonding with two audience members over the evolution of Akron's mascot "The Zips" (she is originally from Cleveland and graduated from said institution). Meanwhile, Gillian Jacobs (who plays Britta) spoke of her own educational upbringing at Julliard and what it means for her to be an actual working actress these days.

Ken Jeong (who plays Senor Chang, who sadly was not in the pilot - though Harmon joked he would be rotoscoping him in later) and Alison Brie (who play Annie) read questions from the online fan community. Jeong was also called out for being a comedic genius. "Just wait until you see his stuff," Brown nodded eagerly. "When he'd shoot [a scene], they'd just keep the camera rolling for twenty minutes." Chase added that if he knew he and Jeong shared a scene, he knew he was in for a long night full of adlibbing and improv.

Joel McHale (who plays Jeff) received the largest burst of audience applause when the cast first stepped out on the stage, but by the end of the night every single castmember had won over the theater. McHale fielded questions about his "fancy" boots like a truly good sport: "I'm still in ROTC," he joked. Though later he added semi-seriously that he knows the guys who make said boots and can get anyone interested a "good deal" on a pair. He even managed to get in a dig at Ryan Seacrest when a fan asked if there would be an upcoming guest appearance by the fellow E! Channel host. Though Harmon hinted at some cool cameo "substitute teachers" (like John Michael Higgins!! as an accounting professor who models himself after Dead Poet's Society), the likelihood of Seacrest being among them is slim to nil.

None of the cast seemed too worried that NBC seems to be hanging all of its comedy hopes on this new show, however. The cast - namely Jacobs and Brown - all spoke of how there is always pressure to "perform" and do your best, regardless of whether the network is pulling out all of the stops for you or not paying attention at all. In "Community's" case, though, it is not merely the network who has their eye on them; it is thousands of fans who are already hooked just from seeing the pilot episode.

"Community" premieres on NBC on Thursday, September 17, at 9:30 p.m. and then moves into its usual 8 p.m. time slot the following week.

Image © NBC Universal, Inc.

Story by Danielle Turchiano

Starpulse contributing writer