Rebecca is rushed to hospital. She’s had a severe allergic reaction, but she’ll be fine. They’ll cancel the next two shows, to allow her to recuperate, and to work on a new ending.  Sam says he’ll be saying a prayer for her at his church the next day, and the rest of the cast agree they’d like to join him.

Eileen responds to a text message from Randall. He’s accusing someone of deliberately slipping the peanuts into Rebecca’s drink. Eileen shrugs off the suggestion. Derek, Eileen, Tom and Julia discuss how best to keep the problem under the radar, but Eileen especially needs Tom and Julia to write the new ending. Julia wonders what will happen if Rebecca doesn’t recover in time for their next performance. Karen’s had no time on stage. Tom immediately suggests Ivy, who has at least rehearsed the majority of the musical. Eileen says she can’t talk about that right now.

Ivy gets a text from Dev, who meets with her to ask her to look for the ring he may or may not have left in her room. She asks him if he’s going to propose to Karen, and he tells her it’s none of her business. She says she’ll look for it.

In her room, Karen is stressing over learning the role of ‘Marilyn.’ After all, Rebecca will probably be fine, and Ivy knows the part better than she does.  Understudies don’t get to rehearse until after previews, so she doesn’t feel ready. Dev hands her the script, and she begins practicing.

Michael ambushes Julia in the hotel lobby. He knows they agreed to not see each other again, but assumed that being called back to the show meant that she wanted him back. She tells him that she nearly quit the show over his rehiring. Michael corners her, and they almost kiss, but she pushes him away, and rushes off.

Julia finds Tom working on his piano, and tells him she could kill him. She tells him Michael just tried to kiss her. She wants to know why he didn’t have her back. He says it’s not his fault. She implies that he put the show ahead of her and her family, and she may not be able to save her marriage. He tells her that she was the one who did that, when she took up with Michael. Julia says she loves and respects him, but they’re not a team, because The Show is more important than all of them. She’s going back to the hotel, where she’ll finish the stupid song.

At a bar, Karen discovers that Rebecca is better, and she’s back. Ivy and some of the chorus order shots. Dev looks questioningly at Ivy, who shakes her head. No, she hasn’t found the ring.

Sunday morning dawns bright and sunshine-y. Ivy, Tom and Sam chat with Sam’s parents at the church. Sam’s going to be singing with the choir, and so, apparently is Karen, whom Sam has talked into singing as well. Ivy’s taking a pass. Most of the cast are there, and so are Julia, Frank and Leo. Apparently Derek wasn’t invited, as he might burst into flames if he entered a church.

Sam’s preacher is of the shout out school, and he has the parish shouting their ‘amens’ as well. Sam invites Karen to join him for a song called “Stand.” By the end of the song, everyone is indeed standing, and applauding as well. Afterwards, Tom approaches Julia, saying that maybe ‘Marilyn’ should go to church at the end. She says she thinks she has a better idea. They tell each other that they are sorry.

Outside, Dev is waiting for Karen, who dashes up to him with a smile. He says her singing was gorgeous. But there’s something he needs to tell her. Saved by the telephone! It’s a call from Rebecca, who wants her to come to the hospital. Rebecca tells Karen that she thinks someone deliberately put peanuts in her smoothie, but she could taste it – and drank it anyway, because she was scared.

And she’s not going back to the show.  Karen, as her understudy, should be applauding her decision.  Karen says she’s just not that ambitious, but Rebecca says that maybe she should be.

Back at Ivy’s room, Karen tells the gang that Rebecca is okay, but not coming back to the show. They wonder who put the peanuts in the smoothie, but the real question is – who’s going to play ‘Marilyn?’

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