Everyone’s waking up with their honeys today, and preparing for the world. Both Karen and Ivy have auditions – wanna bet for the same job? – while Julia’s on her way to Tom’s. Tom’s reluctant to let John leave, until he finds out that John’s a Republican! Horrors!

As Frank looks for some adoption papers on Julia’s bed side table, he finds a song she’s written about her affair with Michael.

Sam is not impressed when Ivy tells him that she’s on several prescription drugs. It all started with the Prednisone for her throat, then a sleeping pill, then something for anxiety, and then another and another … She’s defensive when Sam tells her to be careful with the pills.

Tom, Julia, Derek, and Eileen are gathered at Eileen’s office, where Evil Ellis rhymes off a list of possible ‘movie stars’ that might fit the lead in the musical. Eileen and Derek have an appointment with CAA to find a star, while Tom and Julia are told to find a title, pronto. Derek wants to see a finished script before moving forward with anything. He’s a busy man, with things to do, and he thinks Tom and Julia could take up to a year to get organized. When he leaves, Eileen calls another director.

Ivy’s very late for her audition, and bumps into Karen, who’s just leaving. They both drop their sunglasses, and of course, pick up each other’s by mistake. As the door to the audition room closes in her face, Ivy hears the casting director say that Karen was perfect. Karen gets the job.

Tom tells Julia that John being a Republican is a deal breaker. He may be dreamy, but it’s a no go. Tom wonders if Julia’s seen Michael since the breakup, and how son Leo is behaving. Julia says the affair is over, and Leo is avoiding the subject. Day by day, she’s getting past the insanity.

Welcome to “Heaven on Earth,” where Ivy is back in the ensemble, and couldn’t be more bored. She sings her lines like a spoiled 13 year old, with a pout and an attitude. It looks like a fun musical, with Norbert Leo Butz as the star.

After hours, and in Eileen’s office, Evil Ellis has roped Eileen’s old assistant in to give him a few names of industry big wigs. He settles on Randall Jones, who reps Rebecca Duvall.

Julia arrives home to find Frank playing the piano, and singing the song she’d left by the bed. Frank has guessed that it’s about Julia and another man. He’s sent Leo out so that he can confront her, and find out what’s going on. She tells him that the affair is over. He guesses that it was Michael she slept with.

She tells him it was nothing. He says it was something – total betrayal of him, Leo and 18 years of marriage. She’s crying and apologizing, but he’s having none of it, and slaps her hands away when she tries to touch him. He grabs his coat and storms out of the house.

It’s a new day. Karen’s on the set of the orange juice commercial, looking very trim in a green CGI outfit. Only her face is visible. She looks rather like the GEICO lizard, actually. The assistant walks her through her lines and moves, and pronounces her ‘perfect.’

Outside a theatre workshop, Frank waits for Michael to emerge. Michael guesses immediately that Frank knows about the affair, and assures Frank that it’s over – he should go home to Julia. But Frank says it’s not so easy to do that anymore. Michael’s taken everything from him.

But Michael makes it worse when he says that ‘it was over a long time ago. It should never have started up again.” Now Frank knows that it wasn’t just a casual fling; they had a long term romance, right in the middle of his marriage. Devastated, Frank takes a mighty swing at Michael, and Michael goes down like a ton of bricks.

Evil Ellis has a private meeting with Randall Jones, assuring him that he can provide material that will win over Rebecca Duval. In a swanky restaurant, Eileen meets with director Doug Hughes, who knows all about the musical, and wonders why she’s talking to him, since he knows Derek has done all the work so far. New York Post columnist Michael Riedel just ‘happens’ to be in the same restaurant, and stops by for a chat.  

Ivy and her fellow cast members have a post-show beverage in a club. Sam’s called Tom to let him know that Ivy is not doing well. Tom’s worried that Ivy’s angry at him about being fired, but Ivy’s got more than that on her mind – she’s just found out that Karen booked the orange juice commercial. Ivy can’t understand how Karen keeps getting the jobs she tries out for. Ivy leaves before Tom can have a word with her.

Derek’s waiting in Ivy’s tiny apartment when she gets home, and tries to calm her anger over Karen’s success by saying that there’s no logic to show business. It’s the world they live in, and it doesn’t matter if they like it or not.

Karen shows Dev a new purse she’s bought. As she transfers the contents of her old purse over, she realizes that she’s picked up Ivy’s sunglasses by mistake. Karen’s just realized the same thing, but she trashes Karen’s sunglasses.

Derek gets a call from a colleague, who reads him an ‘item’ from Michael Riedel’s column, reporting on Eileen’s meeting with Doug Hughes.

First thing next morning, Derek confronts Eileen, suspecting that she tipped off Riedel about her meeting with Hughes. She tells him that she believes in Marilyn, and believes in the team. But does he? Is he in or out? Fine, he says, get him a star.

In her dressing room at “Heaven on Earth,” Ivy’s depressed. She takes a handful of pills to cheer up. A stagehand is sent to find her when she passes out, and is late for her stage call. She’s giddy and sloppy.

Evil Ellis brings over the Marilyn material to Randall Jones, as promised. Ellis invites himself in to Randall’s posh apartment, marveling at the view from the window. He asks what he needs to do to get Marilyn to the top of Rebecca Duval’s list, and then makes a pass at Randall.