Why are we rushing to the casting of ‘Marilyn’ in ‘Marilyn: the Musical’? Not saying that I wanted to draw out the process through the entire season, a la any of a zillion reality shows, but come on! Choosing Ivy over Karen, post director pounce … is that all there is?

Okay, I’m rushing. I’ll slow down. The second episode of the hotly anticipated ‘Smash’ had it’s ups and downs. Although primarily about the trials and tribulations of a Broadway musical production, we continued to have glimpses into the private lives of the main characters. Producer Eileen had a creepy encounter with her almost ex-spouse and his bimbo, which culminated in her tossing her drink in his face. But does she really have her financial house in order?    

And will Julia’s long suffering house-husband make good on his threat to go back to teaching? After all the time the couple have spent waiting for the adoption, will they really throw it all away over another delay in paperwork? Their teenage son adds another dimension to the puzzle when he sulks about not having a say in the sister he’s been waiting for his whole life. Can Julia’s heartfelt and oh so contemporary ‘tiger mother’ letter to the anonymous mother of their maybe-someday- daughter persuade the family to hang in there for another two years of bureaucracy?  

My instincts also tell me that there will be a problem with Tom’s assistant, the ever eavesdropping Ellis, somewhere down the road. His casual claim to ‘Marilyn: the Musical’ being his idea will come back to haunt them, I’m sure. Julia’s woman’s intuitions seem to be moving in that direction as well.

As the episode begins, Tom and Derek are – surprise! – yet again in disagreement over the right actress for the lead. Ivy’s got ten years of experience, and can really sing and dance. Karen’s got a good voice and a certain naiveté and freshness. Let’s call them both in again!