It’s the first day of Workshop for the musical, and Karen is excited to be joining the other performers. Ivy’s friends in the ensemble aren’t impressed with new girl ‘Iowa,’ however, and treat her rudely. Speaking of rude, Julia snubs Ellis, and asks that he be moved to another desk. Michael assures Julia that everything will be fine, referring to the rehearsal, but she assumes he’s alluding to their past relationship. Eileen’s lawyer tells her that they can’t locate the money she needs for the workshop, as it is in escrow until the divorce is finalized.  

Everyone cheers and applauds “Marilyn” when Ivy arrives for rehearsal. Derek calls them to order, reminding the ensemble that this is a workshop but they need to sell it – the road to Broadway is exceedingly long. Ivy’s delighted to see that her old chorus chum Sam has been hired. The cast begins with the song “20th Century Mambo.” Sam comments on her great voice. Karen mentions it was her call-back song for the Marilyn part. Ivy jumps in to say that it’s her song now, as she wraps her arms around Sam. Ivy wonders why Derek didn’t tell her Karen was in the ensemble.

The troupe rehearses a new song, “I Never Met A Wolf Who Didn’t Love To Howl.” It’s a snappy number, and everyone seems to be doing well. Karen, however, is perhaps overly enthusiastic, not blending in with the chorus.  Ivy is not pleased at Karen’s exuberance, and says she can’t hear herself, with the chorus being so loud. She remarks that some people may not realize that ‘ensemble’ means ‘as one.’

Derek invites Ivy to a party at his apartment that he’s throwing for Broadway wunderkind Lyle West, whom Derek claims to have discovered. Karen learns through gossip that Ivy’s sleeping with Derek. At lunch with Tom, Ivy asks why she wasn’t told that Karen was hired; Tom blames Julia for the lapse.  Tom is furious to hear that Derek is claiming to have discovered Lyle, as Lyle was HIS discovery. Julia asks Derek to invite Tom to the party, but Tom says he has other plans. When Ellis tries to chat with Julia, she snubs him again.

Tom tells Julia that he can’t go to the party because he has a date with someone his mother knows. They’re going to a steak house for dinner. While everyone else parties at Derek’s Tom sits through a boring meal, with date John, who’s also been set up by his mother. John’s very good looking, but from the world of law and economics. Tom’s almost asleep until John mentions how impressed he is with Tom’s career in the theatre.

Back at rehearsal, Tom takes Ivy’s suggestion about moving Karen to the back of the chorus. Even that doesn’t please her, though, and Karen is cut from the number. Ivy tries to tell Dev how unhappy she is, but he’s frantically busy on the phone, handling city business.  

When Julia visits Eileen to run down the day’s events, she is surprised to find out that Eileen’s considering selling a Degas sketch. The piece was a wedding gift from soon to be ex, Jerry. Eileen takes the sketch to a dealer for appraisal. She’s offered the amount she needs for the show, but can’t sell it as Jerry’s listed as the owner. She later tells Julia that the sketch represents the happiness she once had with Jerry. Later, Julia invites Eileen to Derek’s party, letting slip that Lyle West is now a multi-millionaire, since his last show was sold into syndication.

Michael and Ivy rehearse a Marilyn/DiMaggio number called “History is Made at Night.” Michael tries to speak with Julia, but she makes an excuse to leave.  Ivy again complains that the chorus is too loud, and Tom asks Karen to sit the song out.  In the hallway, Jessica, another chorus member, asks Karen how its going and Karen unloads on her, saying that everyone is being awful, and she’s afraid she’ll be fired from the show. She’s like anyone else; everyone had to start somewhere. She could have had the lead role, if she’d slept with Derek. But she didn’t, and wouldn’t, and now Ivy’s trying to get her fired.