Ivy wakes up to a singer’s nightmare – she’s lost control of her higher notes, a condition commonly caused by strain. She puts on a happy face, rather than let Derek know the problem.  

Eileen’s best backer, Ralph, is surprised that she’s only asking for $7 million; he says she’ll need $15 million if she’s taking “Marilyn: The Musical” to Broadway. She says that the $7 million is just to fund the workshop and an out of town try out. He’s not committing until he sees a rough workshop, but he’s intrigued. She’s surprised when Ellis comes by to report on the state of things at the rehearsal space.

At the rehearsal hall, the cast are desperately trying to get the new pages and changes in order in their scripts. Karen gasps at her credit card statement, but the other dancers laugh at how low a balance she’s worried about. Her friend Jennifer offers her a gig singing at a Bar Mitzvah that will easily pay off the bill. It had originally been Ivy’s gig, but she gave it to Jennifer, who’s now recording, and needs a sub.  

Julia is frantically moving the musical numbers around, to Derek’s distress. He’s furious that she still has an enormous script gap to fill in. With the first show seven days away, everyone is stressed. Julia says that things have been crazy at home, but Derek doesn’t care. He just knows they are on deadline, and she’s behind. Tom defends Julia, angry at Derek’s tone. Ellis, of course, listens in.

As rehearsal begins, Ivy can’t hide her vocal difficulty, and Derek, Julia, Tom and Eileen are panicked as they consider what to do if Ivy can’t open the show the next week.  Karen overhears them discussing their options. Ivy needs to rest her voice, at least for a day, and Derek is considering moving Karen into Ivy’s part. Tom says Ivy can’t be stressed anymore, so don’t say anything to her about replacements.

Michael asks Julia to meet him for a talk. She tells him that it’s just not possible. The next morning, she burns Leo’s pancakes while daydreaming about her kiss with Michael. Leo is cranky and rude, and it’s not about the pancakes; he saw her kissing Michael, and is angry at her betrayal of the family. Frank arrives home from his course early, and Julia is overly happy to see him, as is Leo.

Derek and Ivy talk about her voice. She admits that the doctor gave her Prednisone, but she’s drug sensitive, and there are a lot of bad side effects, including insomnia, hallucinations, hair growth and weight gain. He reminds her that the musical theatre has a lot of terrible side effects, like bankruptcy, alcoholism and insanity. She wants to try a more natural approach to the problem. But when he tells her that he’s going to bring Karen in to sing tomorrow if she’s not better, she relents and takes the drug.

At home, Karen looks through the script, as Dev wonders if she’ll have to learn all of Ivy’s dancing parts as well. She can’t say, and can’t ask, until she’s formally asked to stand in.

A new day of rehearsal. Ivy’s taken the pills, so she’s got a voice. But she’s also got cold sweats, a headache and is having panic attacks. No pressure, Derek tells her, but if she wants a day off, he’s putting Karen in.

Eileen is being harassed by bill collectors who are dunning her instead of ex-husband Jerry. Ellis pops by to update her on Ivy’s voice, and offers to help her in the office, since her temp worker seems to have disappeared. She takes him up on his offer to help her find a new apartment, and is shown a gorgeous two bedroom in downtown Manhattan, at the bargain price of $10,000.00 a month, by Ellis’ friend Zach. That’s a little steep for someone without an income.  She takes a call from a prospective backer who can’t make the performance, and her new friends offer sympathy – and cheap Martini’s at the Bushwhack. She loves the simplicity of the bar, and especially enjoys playing a video shooting game called “Big Buck Hunter.”