Eileen’s busy day gets worse when her assistant Scott calls to tell her that he’s now working for Jerry, her ex-husband. Later, Ellis comes to Eileen’s rescue when she has trouble with her computer. Eileen realizes that Ellis has the inside scoop on Tom, and the status of the script.

As the chorus wait for rehearsal to start, Derek asks Karen to help him work out some choreography for the ‘Marilyn’ character. She is stiff and uncomfortable. Derek accuses her of being afraid of herself, and anything below her neck. They settle into a rhythm as Julia arrives, on the phone with Frank, who’s stuck at a teaching refreshment retreat for the week, and Tom walks in with Eileen, reassuring her that the new scenes are ready, but on hold. Michael wonders if he and Julia can get together to talk about some scenes he has questions about, and proposes they meet after rehearsal. Tom considers skipping his date with John to work on the script with Julia, but she says he should give John another chance.

Ivy enters the rehearsal room and immediately spies Derek dancing with Karen. She wonders if she’s late, but is told, no, Karen was early. They start work on “Let’s Be Bad,”

Tom and John’s dinner date is constantly interrupted by frantic texts from Eileen. She needs that script! Tom says she should be nagging Julia instead.

Julia’s at a diner with Michael, discussing ‘DiMaggio’ and his relationship with ‘Marilyn.’ Michael thinks the key to their interaction is the love he felt for Marilyn, even after her death.  Julia receives a call from an unknown number, and doesn’t pick up.  Tom gets a call from the same number, just as he and John are discussing whether their relationship is friendly or sexual. The call is from Julia’s son, Leo, who’s at the Police Station, having been arrested. Tom’s glad to have lawyer John with him as they head to Leo’s rescue.

John cuts to the chase, asking what charges have been laid, as Leo was not in possession of either drugs or the ‘vaporizer’ (a battery operated bong) in question. The officer felt that he was giving attitude, however, so is pushing the issue. John soon has the matter in hand, getting him off with a Bench Warrant. Back home, Leo waits for Julia, terrified as to how she will react. Predictably, she’s furious, although Tom tries to calm her down. He’s ‘epically’ grounded. After Leo goes up to bed, Tom confronts Julia about her ‘meeting’ with Michael, saying that she’s looking and acting guilty, even if the meeting was innocent. He tells her that she’s playing with fire, missing her son’s arrest while flirting with her ex-boyfriend.  This is her wake-up call.

At City Hall, Dev gets the word from RJ that the promotion he’s expecting is not certain; there’s another contender. Karen is surprised to find that RJ is the New York Times reporter Dev is always complaining about – and RJ is a young, beautiful, Iranian woman.  They chat before RJ leaves for the paper, and Dev heads back in to City Hall to handle yet another crisis, leaving Karen alone for dinner.