SMALLVILLE Recap: 10.16: “Scion”: Tess drops by the Kent farm with a surprise for Clark: Alexander. Or, as he is now called, Conner (from Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant). Tess says that the “rebooted” Conner, who has no memory of his diabolical origin, needs a mentor, and Clark is the perfect candidate. Clark thinks that’s a bad idea, being that Conner is a genetically engineered clone of Lex Luthor. But it turns out that Lex’s DNA is only half the strand: the other half comes from Clark.

Conner, feeling alone and confused by his nascent abilities, doesn’t think that Clark is suitable to teach him anything either, until Clark reveals that he is in fact, Conner’s “brother,” as well as the Blur. Conner’s colored impressed, and the training gets under way (starting with the hormone-stimulated heat vision, which almost fries Lois when she arrives unexpectedly).

Naturally, Lois is a bit taken aback by the fact that she and Clark aren’t even married yet, and now she has to deal with her fiancée’s ostensible offspring. Clark tells Lois how hard it was for him growing up with his abilities, that he always felt alone and like a freak until he found Lois (um, excuse me? Way to dis Jonathan and Martha, there, pal!). Lois, of course, melts and agrees to the mentoring of Conner.


Tess reaches out to Lois to help her do what Clark won’t: Get rid of Lionel before he destroys our heroes. Lois won’t agree to murder, but, invoking how the feds ultimately put Al Capone behind bars, says that they can probably find some piece of evidence proving that the alternate-Earth Luthor has usurped the original’s life.

Later, Tess checks in at the farm as to Conner’s progress, but while she and Clark are talking, Conner’s super-hearing picks up the tidbit of forgotten knowledge that he’s part Luthor and he takes off.

Lois breaks into Lionel’s office at Luthorcorps, but can’t find anything. Seems the new Lionel has covered his tracks. He’s also caught her in his office, and abducts the intrepid reporter at gunpoint. Lionel ties her up at a slaughterhouse (sure, why not) and finds Conner / Alexander at the charred ruins of the Luthor mansion. Preying on the lad’s confusion, Lionel gifts Conner with a ring… crafted of the id-releasing red kryptonite, which has the effect of bringing the Lex side to the fore.

Lionel brings Conn…uh, Alex… the kid to the slaughterhouse where the first Luthor lesson is taught: Never Let Anyone Stand in Your Way (not exactly a Kentian philosophy). As Conner watches, Lionel pulls out a gun and tells Lois nobody will stand in the way of him and his son. Lois says that she’s not scared, that Lionel never did his own dirty work. But this isn’t the Lionel she knew, and he pulls the trigger. In a blur, Lois is whisked away, although her savior this time is Conner, not Clark. 

Conner may have saved Lois, but he’s still a slave to his red-k-manifested baser instincts. Conner takes Lois to Luthor Mansion, er, Rubble, but when she rebuffs his advances, the amplified Luthor malevolence takes over, and Conner gets violent with the future Mrs. Blur. Clark arrives and it’s Superman vs. Superboy in a Kryptonian cage match that brings down most of the remaining walls of the mansion. Clark manages to destroy the red-K ring, releasing Conner from its influence, but just then Lionel arrives with a big chunk of the deadly green version of the meteor rock. As Clark writhes in pain, Lionel again tries to convince Conner to come with him, but Conner rejects his Luthor side and destroys the green-k with his heat vision (Aside from the implausibility of this action, the rock explodes in Clark’s face, no doubt sending some kryptonite dust up his nose, to apparently no effect).

Lionel escapes and retreats to his office at Luthorcorps, to wallow in scotch and opera and plot his next move. But the next move belongs to Tess, who arrives to inform him that in his attempt to erase all evidence of the original Lionel, he missed a spot: The form signed at the orphanage where Tess was left as a child, a form that includes a fingerprint. And, as with everything from the parallel world, it’s reversed, the whorls spinning in the opposite direction. Tess tells Lionel that unless he relinquishes control of Luthorcorps, she’ll reveal him to the authorities, and also warns that his scotch has been spiked with nano-trackers, enabling her to keep tabs on his whereabouts.

Back at the Kent barn, Conner’s repairing the damage he caused and trying to apologize to Clark. Clark says that while Conner may be part Luthor, he’s not predestined to embrace the dark side within him (hah? Get that?). Conner hopes not, and opens his button down to reveal a black tee-shirt emblazoned with the red S-shield (in the comics, Superboy’s “costume” consists of this shirt paired with simple jeans and work boots). Clark gives Conner an application to Smallville High, with the name Conner Kent filled in.

In an epilogue setting up what will no doubt be the series’ final arc, Lionel visits Lex’s grave, saying that he would give anything for another chance to make things rigiht with his son. And with that, the black smoke swirls and begins to take the red-eyed form of Darkseid.

NEXT (but not until April 15th): Somehow, perhaps on the alternate world, it’s the return of Jonathan “KENT.”