Check out the top ten selections from Starpulse's Kate Beckinsale photo gallery (which currently stands at seven pages of super-hotness). Kate got her start at the bottom of the "cast and crew" lists for several movies before landing some starring roles in a few mediocre films. Films such as The Last Days Of Disco and Brokedown Palace led her to be cast as the one good thing in Pearl Harbor.

After that she got our blood boiling in skin-tight black leather as the superhot, gun-wielding werewolf-hunting vampire Selene in Underworld (and it's almost better-than-the-first sequel, Underworld: Evolution), starred opposite Leo as silver screen legend Ava Gardner in The Aviator, and made us laugh with Adam Sandler in Click.

Ms. Beckinsale recently celebrated her 35th birthday (July 26); expressed her fear of moving to the U.S.; and saddened many of us by letting us know she had a "booty" double for her latest film, Whiteout. And, of course, never one to shy away from giving out TMI (too much information), Kate openly states that she prefers sex to cooking. Grrrrowl!

Here's Kate (click each pic for the next page):