Physical appearance is a key component of a celebrity's life. Living under a microscope, celebrities face enormous pressure to maintain Godlike levels of corporeal attractiveness, especially women.

Male celebrities are definitely expected to be in good shape too, but they have a lot more wiggle room. If a man's face isn't entirely Adonic or if he consumes one too many brewskies, it's ok - double chins and love handles are not career killers for men. In fact, they sometimes do the exact opposite.

Take Russell Crowe and Tom Hanks, for example. Crowe packed on the pounds to play Jeffrey Wigand in "The Insider" as did Hanks for his role as Chuck Noland in "Cast Away" and both of these chubby performances garnered Oscar nominations.

Female celebrities, on the other hand, almost never get to add a little cushion for the pushin' for a role. For the gals, looking a day over 25 is basically a career death sentence, wrinkles are forbidden, and the only acceptable dress size is goose egg. Even Aphrodite-esque models like Heidi Klum, who is about as weighty as a cotton ball, are not safe from body image scrutiny. According to "Anything Hollywood," German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop harshly deemed the Victoria Secret angel to be too heavy to be a runway model. do you say "you're an idiot" in German?

The point is that the heavy emphasis on physical perfection for both female and male celebrities is unhealthy and completely unnecessary. Whoopty-freakin'-do if a celebrity skips out on going to the gym for a few days, weeks, or months even, and who cares if they decide to eat a double bacon cheeseburger instead of their usual ex-lax sandwich with a side of air. Celebrities are human too and should be able to act accordingly.

Check out our list of celebrities who may not be as trim and toned as they once were, but in spite of their new plus sizes, we still love them just as much, if not more:

While the formerly ripped Kilmer may no longer fit into his Batman suit, at 47 he's still working hard with at least nine projects in the making. So as long as he's happy and is still able to do the things that he enjoys doing, who really cares if Val has gone from Batman to fatman?

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