Cougar Town premiered on ABC last week, shining the spotlight on a subject that has fascinated young men since the beginning of time. Courtney Cox is a perfect choice to head the cast, but unfortunately that seems to be where the good decisions end. The only other cougar on this show is Christa Miller (the sort-of attractive female friend from The Drew Carey Show), and she's not so much a cougar as she is someone who inspires the phrase "She must have been hot back in her prime." The female cast is rounded out by Busy Philipps, who is certainly attractive, but only 30 and still far removed from her cougar years.

So this is cougar town? More like cougar block. One and a half cougars? Anyways, there were better casting choices out there. Here's the population of a real cougar town.

Heather Locklear - If there was an actual cougar town, Heather Locklear would be the mayor. She might as well be the definition of the word. Only a few years shy of 50, and she still makes regular appearances on many fantasy top ten lists, and a few top fives.

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