Supermodels: we are jealous of them because they are gorgeous and seemingly perfect in every way. We are even more jealous when they give birth to a child and can walk down the runway in a bikini two weeks after popping them out without a single stretch mark! Are they superhuman or something?

These models went from preggers to hotties practically overnight. Whether they shed the baby weight seamlessly or worked their butts off to get rid the extra poundage, it's hard to tell they once had bellies.

With her fourth child on the way, we are all anxious to see if the bounce back will be as effortless as the first three pregnancies. Heidi was on the Victoria's Secret runway less than two months after giving birth to her son Henry, and she looked fabulous. When asked by People magazine how she managed to maintain a supermodel body after her third baby, she responded, "I have three children. That keeps you busy all the time. I work and we do a lot of things that are active. We work in the garden. We jump on the trampoline. I just started playing tennis with my husband. We climb in the tree house with the children. We go to the park and feed the ducks. We are always mobile."

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