From Britney to Kanye, Michael Jackson's influence on music, singing, dancing, fashion and entertainment lives on. Take a look at some of today's hottest stars who are keeping MJ's flame alive.

Jackson left a huge mark on the industry with his signature dance moves, catchy hooks and over-the-top style. Today, these influences can be seen in modern icons like Prince and Madonna as well as the new generation of entertainers.

MJ helped pave the way for black entertainers on MTV. His elaborate costumes can be seen in stars today like Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Big budget music videos like Kanye West's got their start with 'Thriller.' And his dance moves can be seen in everyone from Chris Brown to Timberlake.

Despite his controversial and mysterious private life, there is no denying that Michael Jackson was one of the most influential entertainers to ever live. His legacy will live on for generations to come.

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