The beheadings are coming! The beheadings are coming!

Finally! It has been far too long since the Headless Horseman made a real dent in Sleepy Hollow’s population of people with heads. Tonight, not only did he get some flashback action where he took out some of Paul Revere’s supernatural riding buddies, he also took the heads of a bunch of the freemasons from the last episode. Even a taxidermied crow gets his head chopped off. Basically, the episode is a shining moment for decapitations.

“The Midnight Right” may center on Paul Revere’s Ride, the Horseman, and lots of head, but the real star plotline is Ichabod’s Big Day. The scenes where he interacts with new inventions of the modern world are always a treat and this episode had them in spades. He learns about supermarkets and the massive quantities of rations that can be bought in a single trip. He began a vendetta against bottled water that I sorely hope continues throughout the series. (Take it to the Supreme Court, Ichabod!) The historical inaccuracies of the Paul Revere museum irked him. He found out his good friend Thomas Jefferson was actually a gigantic asshole who famously had children with his slave Sally Hemmings and stole Ichabod’s quote. Then, most amusingly, he discovered the joys of computers and internet porn.

Not only was it a great episode for decapitation, it was one that was filled to the brim with amusing present-life clashes. The two combined equals an A+ episode for me, but pity it took attention away from the main storyline. Abbie and Ichabod try to find a way to stop the Horseman by using his rotting skull as a clue and lure.

There were a few parts of this plot that I really enjoyed. First, it was great to get to the Horseman, since he never feels like a villain of the week. So far he’s been the number one bad guy, what with the amazing beheadings and connection to Ichabod. Every other bad guy has seemed like nothing but a distraction. Personally, I’d be glad if the other biblical side baddies disappeared in favor of the Horseman. By the end of the episode, he gets trapped in UV light so at least we’ll get to see him next week. (More beheadings please.)

Another plus to this plotline was the addition of Irving. He’s been sidelined most of the series so far, but there’s something mysterious about how willing he is to believe everything Abbie brings to him. Irving got to be more than just the stone faced boss as he trailed Abbie and Ichabod around, making comments about DNA proving Jefferson sucked as a person and other helpful additions. It felt like a trial run for Irving as a character and I think it’s definitely time to bring him into the fold.

All that aside, the best part was the return of JOHN CHO! Although his character reminded everybody his name was Andy Brooks, it’s not gonna happen. Sorry, Andy, but your name is JOHN CHO (!) and that’s that. I wish this character would show up more often, especially since he is inexplicably eager to protect Abbie, despite being in league with the Horseman.

“The Midnight Run” was a great episode for mythology and character moments. And heads. Lots of decapitated heads.

Other Musings:

  • We start with yet another flashback. Enough! I will never not hate them.
  • Ichabod on supermarkets: “Do you know what we could have done with these rations in the war? We could have taken Lexington in a day.”
  • “You paid? For water?” Ichabod’s hatred for bottled water was the highlight of the entire show so far.
  • Ichabod hasn’t gone to a supermarket in the month he’s been in the present?
  • Why are things so tense between Morales and Abbie? Was he really that pissed that she broke up with him because she was moving out of town? Is he that big of a dick?
  • JOHN CHO (!): “Rumors of my demise…have been pretty much true.”
  • Ichabod learns to leave a voicemail…but does so like it’s a letter, with a sign off and everything. Perfect.
  • Ichabod is kind of a feminist. He decides he’s gonna tell the freemasons they need to let Abbie join the group. But then they were all dead. Because of sexism. (Okay, no, but I’m going to pretend.)
  • Irving wants them to say the beheadings were “ritual suicide.” THAT MAKES NO SENSE! They cut off their own heads? HOW? Come up with a better cover story.
  • Was anybody else afraid that dumb skull was gonna open its eyes or something equally stupid?
  • I wish the montage of them trying to destroy the skull had been set to some sort of Benny Hill music. Then the episode would have been the greatest hour of television of all time.
  • One if by land, two if by sea, four lanterns and you’re gonna be cleaning up skulls all freaking night.
  • Abbie handles the heads like she touches decapitated heads all f*cking day every f*cking day. Hardcore.
  • Abbie: “You printed this five times. Why?” Ichabod: “In case the picture vanishes from the screen like it did a moment ago.”
  • Ichabod calls it the “innernet.” Cute.
  • The moment when Abbie was annoying with Ichabod’s straw usage was so freaking cute.
  • Ichabod: “This water was free at the market.”
  • Ichabod:  “All we get is one and other.”
  • Abbie tricks the horseman with a fake ankle injury. Awesome.