Sleepy Hollow is nothing without the strength of its main characters, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane. The first two episodes focused very closely on Ichabod, his time displacement, and the apocalyptic demons with whom he’s connected. Obviously it’s important to know as much as possible about him since the concept of the show revolves around him. It would be far too easy for the show to completely forget that Abbie is a person, not a sidekick to trade quips.

Luckily for us, the show has given Abbie more than enough reason to be more than a sounding board for Ichabod with a badge. She has her own motivations completely unconnected to Ichabod for investigating the weird stuff around town. Her background is rich, intertwined in the supernatural, and partly the focus of the third episode.

When Abbie and her sister, Jenny, were children, they came across a demon in the woods. After being passed out for four days, they were finally discovered. Jenny told the police exactly what they had seen, as strange as it sounded, and her honesty earned her years in and out of a mental hospital. Abbie, meanwhile, played ignorant and got to stay in the “good” foster home and eventually become a police officer. One lie resulted in completely different paths for the two sisters.

That lie is the catalyst for the freak-of-the-week case. The people who ignored Jenny’s truth are visited by the Sandman, a faceless chalk white demon that turns eyes into sand and forces people to kill themselves. Dr. Vega ignored Jenny’s truth as her doctor in the mental hospital. She ends up throwing herself off a building. The man who found the sisters in the woods saw the demon too but said nothing. He shoots himself, but not before leaving Abbie a warning about being next.

Of course Abbie isn’t going to die in the third episode of the series. The tension doesn’t come from whether or not she’ll fall victim to the Sandman. It’s obvious that not irrevocable harm is going to happen to either of the main characters. It’s foolish to try to make the viewers think there’s actual danger, because viewers are savvier than that.

However the tension of the climax isn’t about Abbie’s safety but whether she’ll face that what she did to her sister may have been wrong. I don’t know if I agree with the show’s assessment of Abbie’s actions. Her lie makes me think she’s smart and her sister is foolhardy for holding on to a truth that takes away her freedom. The show obviously wants the viewers to think the opposite. Nonetheless, I’d be interested to see far more of Jenny.

As long as the show continues to treat Abbie as a well-rounded character, deserving of her spot on the show, I’ll continue to be happy with the partnership. Unlike many other procedural shows, the point of Abbie isn’t just to be a foil or a romantic interest. Now if only Sleepy Hollow could show the same respect to the other characters on the show.

Other Musings:

  • It bothers me when they call Ichabod by his last name. You don’t have a character with an amazing name like Ichabod and just ignore it.
  • We begin the episode with another dream sequence. I really hope this isn’t going to be a reoccurring feature. Unless the dreams can be more than just foreshadowing of the current episode, it seems like a waste of time. The information we receive from Abbie’s subconscious, including her suspicion of Ichabod’s supernatural ties and her fear of being seen as the girl she was as a kid, could have been shown without resorting to another dream.
  • I legit screamed when the eye exploded into sand.
  • Ichabod VS the remote control. Ichabod VS Red Bull. Two amazing moments of time displacement. I’ll never tire of this feature of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Jenny claimed she needed to steal 4k of gear from a sporting good store because she was preparing for the end of days. Ichabod: “Well, she’s perfectly sane then.”
  • “What do your friends call you? Icky?” “Not if they wish to remain my friends.”
  • It’s revealed that Abbie’s parents are “out of the picture,” as she puts it. She says it’s a story for another time, which implies that they’re not dead and probably didn’t just abandon them. That’ll definitely be important later.
  • Orlando Jones has the scary eyes down. The show needs to incorporate him more. I didn’t buy that he really didn’t care about what Abbie and Ichabod are up to on the job.
  • Ichabod’s army worked with Native Americans, making it the most PC army of all time.
  • “Hey, you guys into time travel?” –car salesman trying to sell a Delorean to Ichabod.
  • The episode title refers to how evil triumphs when good men stand idly by, which is exactly what happened to Jenny.