This week's season finale ended with a major boom and a great big bang. After two weeks of boring baby episodes and then one awesome business as usual show, we finally arrive at the two-part, two-hour season ender. While I wish we had more episodes to tease out the mythology, 'Sleepy Hollow' definitely grew into one of my favorite shows this year. As showrunners, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, stated, they successfully maintained the Halloween all the time every time theme. And, post-pilot, the show's momentum definitely matured. SPOILER ALERT!

This week, in "Indispensable Man" and "Bad Blood," Abbie and Ichabod search for Washington's map to stop Moloch and free Ichabod's wife from Purgatory. However, Abbie worries that Ichabod will betray her, based on a prophecy. In the interim, Captain Irving confesses to murdering a priest and a cop to protect his daughter and Abbie's ex-boyfriend, who did it when possessed last week. Additionally, Jenny discovers that the Sin-Eater isn't really Henry but is attacked by the Headless Horseman before she can warn Abbie. After Abbie and Ichabod travel to Purgatory, Abbie volunteers to take Katrina's place and discovers that Moloch attacked her younger self because she witnessed the raising of the second Horseman. And, the MAJOR SPOILER of the night, Ichabod and Katrina race to the second Horseman's grave to stop him from rising only to discover what Abbie and Jenny learned. The Horseman already rose. The Sin-Eater AIN'T Henry. In reality, he's the SECOND HORSEMAN AND their long lost son!!!! Ba-dump-bump. Aw, sookie, sookie now. Major points to Moloch for his demon-ish manipulation! Read below about the Sin-Eater, "Crabbie," the hero gang and final thoughts.

The Sin-Eater/Henry

There are SO many events in this episode, but I'll start with the Sin-Eater's revelations. From day one, I hated the Sin-Eater and John Noble's whispy dead-souls-wound-me act; but, the minute, his character revealed his hellish origins in decadent, full-throated evil, I fell back in love with John Noble's acting. I loved his delicious, dark hatred coated by his voice's chocolate density. Although "The Golem" and "Sanctuary" seemingly wasted two good episodes on Ichabod's son, the son's 'death' always bothered me. Wasn't the son allegedly all-powerful and possibly immortal? If so, the witches just buried him. So, didn't that mean he was still buried somewhere, alive? This week, Henry Parrish, aka the second Horseman, answered that with a resounding 'YES.' I loved the maturity of his pure, justified, un-mediated anger. Ichabod and Katrina were too busy being awesome as war heroes and anti-evil warriors. Ichabod inexplicably never noticed his wife's paganism or her pregnancy while Katrina allegedly needed to leave her child to save him. Yea, Henry, I'd have major abandonment issues, too. If people wonder why Henry is old and angry, and not young and hot; think about it. The Sin-Eater lived entombed in a coffin for centuries where he'd wake up, suffocate, die and re-awaken again. He probably only lived a couple days a month. That's a very slow, aging process. I'd probably wake up bat-shit crazy and full of hateful anger, too. I always wondered how Purgatory-bound pre-21st century Katrina knew about a 21st century healer. Henry explained that as well (but HOW did he get into her mind, unless through their parent-child bond)?

Crabbie 4Ever?

Next, let's talk about "Crabbie." One thing Abbie feared all episode surrounded Ichabod turning on her. I agreed with her anxieties. Technically, you can't believe one part of a prophecy, without believing it all. After Andy begged Abbie to keep Moloch from accessing the map, she begged Ichabod to destroy it (even if it meant burning the route to save his wife). He did so while claiming their friendship meant more than anything. Then, the little sneak went home and recreated the map from memory. Of course, Abbie let him off and followed him to Purgatory where Katrina casually revealed she could leave if SOMEONE *cough* Abbie *cough* stayed. At that moment, I hated Katrina. You don't casually drop that information, and give someone your protective anti-Purgatory amulet, while claiming you don't want ANYONE to take your place. 'Cus, duh, you really do. But, once, Henry revealed himself as the big bad, I begrudingly accepted Katrina as a full-fledged member of the hero bunch. Then, I felt sorry for her. In Purgatory she dealt with intangible goth ghosts, but on earth, a tangible headless horseman kidnaps her. Seriously, is this woman doomed to a life of captivity? Plus, on top of that, what woman could handle her husband embracing another woman while whispering "remember our bond?" *Crabbie swoon*

The Hero Gang

Finally, returning to the hero gang, I'm on pins and needles and needles and pins regarding Irving and Jenny. Back in the day, whenever horror film introduced a person of color, I called that person Ensign Red Shirt. After 'Person of Interest' shot Carter, my fears for any minority cast members on sci-fi related shows resurfaced. Irving is such a great advocate and he believes even more than Abbie in their ongoing struggles against evil. On top of that, I love Jenny's natural high energy foil to Abbie's calm. Lyndie Greenwood could've brought a superficial, tough girl anger, but instead she added to the group dynamic without taking away from Abbie or "Crabbie." She melds incredibly well with Irving's family and, I want to see her experience that moreso. Considering Abbie had the loving father figure (who DIDN'T send her on dangerous artifact-retrieving missions), the loving best friend (who sells his soul to protect her), the loving sister (who sells her freedom to protect her), the loving partner, Ichabod (who feels her up in front of his wife) and the hot boyfriend, I'm surprised Jenny never followed Henry's angry revenge route. She's almost the flip to Henry. Like him, her family abandons her for more 'important' things. But, rather than alienating herself, she joins the fight. I want to see where she (and Irving) go in the future. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, 'Sleepy Hollow' provided a satisfying season. So many items that appeared random in the pilot such as the deaths of the priest, Andy, and the Sheriff made sense later. Although Joss Whedon claimed you'd see a 'Buffy' actor more post-death, Kurtzman and Orci actually do it. I loved the Andy-Sheriff-Abbie apple pie bonding scene and cried when she broke the spell. I love that Abbie's protected space is her dollhouse. I loved the pseudo-Victorian creepiness of young Jenny and young Abbie (even if it's clear they cast the teens based on Beharie before casting Greenwood as Jenny). We finally saw Ichabod in skinny jeans this season and realized he looks better in period clothes.

However, I still have questions. Why is Andy SO obsessed with Abbie? Yes, she's smart, pretty and vivacious, but she already had protectors through her boyfriend and the Sheriff. Plus, considering how frequently and easily she shoots him, she clearly doesn't share the same feelings. Will he turn against her seeing how easily she harms him? What do Kurtzman and Orci have against priests? So far they killed two awesome priests rather violently. Why is the Devil so focused on Tarrytown, NY and colonial America? What the heck happened at that time and that area? Why is it always artifacts that destroy devils and not faith? Also, can Abbie and Ichabod really stop the world's ending? According to Revelations, the Witnesses have the power to stop evil while they're warning everyone; but, they can't stop the overall end of the world.

I am definitely looking forward to season two. While I'd love to see more episodes, perhaps 'Sleepy Hollow''s awesomeness comes from the fast pace set at limited episodes. I SO wish networks actually collaborated rather than competing. I'd LOVE to see 'Sleepy Hollow' after an episode of Grimm. See you in the Fall, #Crabbie4Eva!

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