Sleepthief's gallant debut "The Dawnseeker" embarks on an epic journey featuring collaborations with some of the most acclaimed female vocalists and songwriters in the world of electronica including: Kirsty Hawkshaw (B.T., DJ Tiesto, Delerium, Pole Folder), Harland (Ferry Corsten, Delerium, Human II Human), Kristy Thirsk (Delerium, Rose Chronicles), Jody Quine (Balligomingo), Caroline Lavelle (B.T., Vangelis, Art of Trance), Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape), Nicola Hitchcock (Mandalay), Roberta Carter Harrison (Wild Strawberries, ATB), san.drine, Jerry Eckert (Desert Wind), and Lauren Edman. Sleepthief mastermind Justin Elswick has just inked a deal with fourteen year old independent Neurodisc Records, Inc. to release his debut artist album to the world on June 27th, 2006.

Justin Elswick may be an anomaly in the music industry - a full-time attorney who has somehow found the tenacity and creative inspiration to create a lush and innovative electronic pop vocal album under the Sleepthief moniker. Cultivating his deep love of epic, transcendent-style electronic / worldbeat / ethereal music and collaborating with his wish-list of amazing vocalists, Justin has composed one of the most breathtaking debut albums in recent memory. Sleepthief has delivered thirteen evocative and dream-laden songs that touch on themes of life, love, loss and redemption. The expansive sound of "The Dawnseeker" is the product of two years of production and countless hours of lost sleep-and the end result is a compelling album that beckons to be heard.

The marriage of the diverse and talented female vocalists to Justin's unique audio-vision has yielded an album that is epic, mysterious, affecting and luminous. Engineered and co-produced by Israel Curtis, "The Dawnseeker" is sure to garner attention of fans of angelic vocals, sublime electronica and celestial soundscapes alike. The music of Sleepthief is rich and varied, ranging from the drum & bass pulse of "The Chauffeur," an amazing cover of the Duran Duran classic hit, to the Celtic-influenced melancholy of "Eurydice;" from the sweeping sorrow of "Sublunar (Sweet Angel)" to the middle-eastern energy of "Desire of Ages." What is certain is that Sleepthief has composed a moving and powerful debut album that showcases the mystery and beauty of the female voice.