Sinead O'Connor is accusing Simon Cowell of ruining the music industry in the wake of her online feud with Miley Cyrus. She claims Cowell and his pal Louis Walsh are destroying the music industry with their talent shows and manufactured acts.
She told host Ryan Turbridy on Ireland's The Late Late Show on Friday, "I think the important thing to say is there's a certain alarm that needs to get rung and I know there are a lot of musicians around the country and around the world that will agree, music is being murdered, rock and roll is being murdered.
"The power of rock and roll to change things, to move people, is being murdered by all of this worship of fame, Pop Idol, X Factor, all this stuff.
"People like Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh - who doesn't even know how to burn a CD as of the last time I saw him - deciding what records should sound like, and deciding who gets to be famous and who doesn't."

Earlier this week, the Irish singer wrote an open letter to the former "Hannah Montana" star, advising her to stop revealing so much skin and acting provocatively in concerts and in her music videos.
Cyrus responded by comparing O'Connor to mentally ill actress Amanda Bynes before posting several Tweets O'Connor wrote last year when she was dealing with depression.
O'Connor angrily slammed the popstar in two additional letters, accusing her of mocking the mentally ill and threatening her with legal action.