Tombstone (1993) vs. Wyatt Earp (1994): The battle of the handlebar mustaches kicked off on Christmas Day 1993 when Kurt Russell and Co. rode into theaters with Tombstone, their fast-paced, quote-worthy flick about real-life gunslingers and the women who loved them. Russell held his own as the famous lawman and was abetted by a kick ass cast that included Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe. The movie's best attribute is Val Kilmer, stealing the show as the lung-hacking, wise-cracking charismatic pistoleer Doc Holliday. Six months later, the OK Corral was revisited when Wyatt Earp trotted onto the big screen. Boasting a more historically accurate film, director Lawrence Kasdan's lovingly-crafted epic was elevated by its cinematography, sweeping score and careful casting - Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman and Dennis Quaid - but ultimately dragged down by too much attention to detail (and a 3+ hour run time!). Not only did Tombstone draw first, the film was made for less, earned more than double at the box office and was deemed the more entertaining by audiences and critics alike.

Bottom Line: Tombstone's our Huckleberry.

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