Falling Star: Octomom - “Octomom” Nadya Suleman recently checked into rehab. She was dubbed “Octomom” by the media in 2009, and became an Insta-Celeb after giving birth to octuplets; the only 2nd set to live in the United States. But here’s a twist- she already had 6 kids! She conceived her children by in vitro fertilization, and was closely scrutinized once it was disclosed that the mother of 14 was unemployed, receiving assistance from public programs, and appearing in pornos! Well now she’s being criticized again! She checked herself into rehab in Orange California, and according to her rep, she had been “taking Xanax that was prescribed by her doctor to deal with anxiety, but she felt she needed a treatment to help with her recover.” She’s leaving all 14 of her kids in the hands of a few nannies and a couple friends. And apparently, just before checking herself into treatment the mother of 14 was out and about in NYC, after she learned she’s not being prosecuted for child neglect. In her defense, 14 kids?! COWA BUNGA! Either way, she still has a responsibility to be a good parent to those kids, and partying in NYC when you’ve got kids to tend to and an anxiety problem probably isn’t going to alleviate those issues.

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